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have known of Martha.. adding page while listening to her talk at digiped 2016

#digped @mburtis “Why did we end up with courses in boxes instead of domains of our own in HE?”

her co-foundership ness of ds106 with Jim Groom– was also her first time to teach

ds106 as important stop on the road to domain of one’s own – validated students were capable of working on open web.. building managing own spaces

1\ provide students w tools/tech to build digital space of own

2\ help students appreciate how digital identity is formed

3\ provide students w curricular opps to use web in meaningful ways

4\ push students to understand how tech’s that underpin web work & how that impact lives

seems web is most powerful.. can’t imagine how it has impacted me.. yet we set locked up convincing selves web has nothing to do with us.. it has everything to do with us

fb.. can change how we feel.. google can change what we see/read

how to sell to admin… when breaks.. you say.. good .. it broke…

students come away a bit more sure about how things work and how things break.. also more curious about how to make and break things


go in with your eye on the next best thing.. be gentle with self.. be ok with switching gears.

bravery to change mind ness

give yourself permission to let go of control..early on

the ones who keep it.. it’s because it’s become who they are.. they’re not ok to lose it..

hosting-life-bits ness

our job isn’t to tell students what to do.. it’s to let them know what their choices are.. have to be ok with choice to turn off.

perhaps.. choosing to turn off.. because still in a box.. in a way.. ie: their domain driven by outsiders.. at a uni.. so not like.. a personal diary/commonplace book.. ish


need to come back and catch Sean’s and others at digped


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No matter how far you’ve traveled down the wrong road, turn back.

so resonating with a nother way ness

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A gripping and personal keynote about the future of education from the amazing @mburtis at the @disrupt_learn expo

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election turned world upside down.. literally..

? (switched over to bruce schneier livestream w data & society – he’s grieving ish the same)

we have something much better.. we could be living/doing..being..

people coming out of election actually don’t present viable paths forward

exactly.. there’s a nother way

most heartbreaking.. my mom can’t even tell me what to do.. there is no one.. that can tell us.. the uncertainty.. but good to speculate..

domain of one’s own is a space that pushes against the structural deficiencies of the web..

perhaps more so..against the structural deficiencies of our (voluntary compliant) thinking.. which in turn.. causes us to mis see web capabilities.



Also, the video “If the Web Was a Concrete Space” from my #domains17 pres is here:…

get back to some of the chaos..

i’m thinking.. ocean ish.. water anyway..  uncertain.. un orderly in appearance.. but totally interconnected.. and all inclusive..  deeper than my feet could ever wander