systemic vs individual

pending criminal charges

[image title: be as free as a balloon]

people are fine

u n t i l

systemic functions of ordering, controlling, predicting start their dehumanizing *process

ie: selected punishment for not getting homework done.. child is to stay in classroom (and so away from food/community/play) during school lunch/recess time.. even though:

1\ home not conducive to doing homework

2\ home/school work not conducive to human being.. and awake/alive/aware people (ie: 5 and under) see that painfully clearly.. and their disjoint with that compulsory/coercive fitting in ness (seeing little/no significance/importance of home/school work when home/school life is caged/clothed in survival/defense mode.. let alone its insignificance/destruction to innate curiosity).. annoys/disturbs that *process and its systemically-bound guardians (inspectors of inspectors) ..

.. which engineers/forces behavior(s) conducive to perpetuating the myth of tragedy and lord.. seemingly justifying the original/ongoing structural-violence (the pending criminal charges et al)

let’s try *something deeper than band-aid aid (at best).. we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. so we can get back/to legit needs.. we’re spinning our wheels as long as we’re pointing fingers.. as long as we’re holding on to any form of m\a\p

*ie: a nother way


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