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Moonshots live in the gray area between audacious technology and pure science fiction. Instead of a mere 10% gain, a moonshot aims for a 10x improvement over what currently exists. The combination of a huge problem, a radical solution to that problem, and the breakthrough technology that just might make that solution possible, is the essence of a moonshot. 

we don’t know how to do this yet – and we’re going to do it anyway…

Megan Smith as co host

Mary Lou Jepsen


tuesday, february 7, 2012

solve for x – mary lou jepsen
Ron Garan (@Astro_Ron)
It was awesome meeting all the gamechangers at Solve for X last week. Cool technology that can change the world!

Solve for X: Adrien Treuille on collaborative science

protein folding – by an 11 yr old boy in upstate ny

Solve for X: Mary Lou Jepsen on imaging the mind’s eye

how do we get these images in our minds out of our minds.. in order to communicate better..


 a people experiment — as moonshot thinking


Rich DeVaul at mit talks


Tales from the moonshot factory: #MLTalks with Joe Jacobson and @TheteamatXs Rich DeVaul starts now! Watch here:

‘choosing to be bothered by the things thought impossible’

‘always striving to bring in new perspectives/diversity’ – Rich DeVaul

‘to get 10x better.. have to throw some things out’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

gupta roadblock/irrelevant s law

‘figuring out why this isn’t going to work’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

‘by showing others this is a possible thing to do we encourage others to work in the space’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

graeber model law

‘need to be secret so we have the freedom to kill (let go of) things’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

‘i’d love to see a future of all these (fb, loon, x, et al).. collab ing on really big problems’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

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‘the engine goal to attack these really big problems’ – Joe Jacobson – #mltalks

‘hey.. i’m this crazy guy and i think we can do this thing’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

a nother idea here Rich

‘the more we got to go out on our own (x under alphabet) the more we could collab with others’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

ni\ zoom dance ness

‘we do crowdsource ideas. part of why i’m here. if you have a great idea i’d like to hear about it’ Rich DeVaul #mltalks

listen deeper

hlb [hosting-life-bits]

‘to have meaningful innovation..have to have a critical mass’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

perhaps time to moonshot for 7 bn [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

hlb [hosting-life-bits]

‘to solve hardest problems need: more people so connectivity (huge); falling in love w problem’- Rich DeVaul #mltalks

hlb [hosting-life-bits] & deep enough

‘if one shot on goal.. be thoughtful upfront.. ie: library vs lab et al’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

quiet enough to see

‘about organizing for discovery rather than for engineering’ – Joe Jacobson #mltalks

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hlb [hosting-life-bits]

as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

‘x not taking on new innovats of ie decision making..that’s tapping into info already there’-Rich DeVaul #mltalks

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diff data as key [self-talk as data]

‘tools that enable all of us to do’ – Rich DeVaul #mltalks

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