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intro’d to Shannon during this livestream session – she is one of 7 founders of public lab..

era of generalists..

need for time and space


let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

refugee from august

refugee camps

on mapping to someone in community w/in 10 miles.. working toward that….
st as data.. as the day..

on .. can we replicate scale.. what i’m racking my brain on…

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

going back to time when science wasn’t so exclusionalized…

on the difficulty of stopping to document..

evaluation component.. something we’ve been harking on

on project called – where we breathe

using community science et al.. changing .. working with policy…

we don’t do interns..

when we started public lab.. we weren’t thinking about youth engagement.. we were like – environmental justice… however… ie: connecting learning back into community… so trying to think about how to do this (w/in k12) .. without diverging too much..

on diff between citizen and community science.. strong indicator of social/econ divides.. i’d like to find ways to address those divides… i love comm science model.. but need to think about econ issues  (from audience)

q: – on having online community of scientists… 17000 .. but finding it’s taking community a long time to formulate the question

a: what we’ve seen .. is that the question tends to change.. ie: what am i breathing.. to … how do we know what’s coming into our water from these mining sites.. we’ve built of processes to get people through to get to that question.. but problem is then to get people to stick with it..

perhaps.. we don’t insist on sticking with it ness .. perhaps that’s part of the perpetuation that got us to where we are now… the supposed to ness of not changing your mind/project..

perhaps instead we follow … the curiosities.. as they emerge (because today we can)… in order to garner both – stability/sustainability/energy and spread..

_ _ _

notes from video page:

We’ve conceptualized a tiered approach to project development, delineated by the scope of community objectives and the role of science in achieving those objectives. Examples of Public Lab projects from each tier demonstrate the versatility of community science, and the potential opportunity for it to facilitate public participation in environmental decision-making on multiple levels. In this session, we’ll discuss how participatory online communities can strategically support hyper-local goals and help to scale the ability for replicable change in how the public engages with decision-making processes.

About Shannon Dosemagen

A founder of Public Lab, Shannon is based in New Orleans and Cambridge (MA) as Executive Director of the non-profit. With a background in community organizing and education, Shannon has worked with environment and public health groups across the United States addressing declining freshwater resources, coastal land loss and building participatory monitoring programs with communities neighboring industrial oil facilities and impacted by the BP oil spill. In her current work with Public Lab, Shannon seeks to infuse traditional organizing methods of the environmental sector with new media technologies and tools to create actionable outcomes.

She has a MS in Anthropology and Nonprofit Management and has worked with nonprofits for over fifteen years. She is an Ashoka Fellow, a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program a recipient of the Claneil Foundation Emerging Leaders Fund and a past Loyola University Institute for Environmental Communications Fellow. Shannon serves on advisory boards, councils or committees for the National Parks Conservation Association, World Economic Forum, Citizen Science Association, the Louisiana Public Health Institute Healthy Communities Coalition, and the Louisiana Bar Association.

About Public Lab

Public Lab is a community where you can learn how to investigate environmental concerns. Using inexpensive DIY techniques, we seek to change how people see the world in environmental, social, and political terms.


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Exec. Director @PublicLab. Advocate for environmental health and justice. Honored to be a fellow w/ @Ashoka and @Berkmancenter.

New Orleans, LA  ·