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Strike Debt is an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street

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jan 2016 – What Really Caused the Implosion of the Occupy Movement—An Insider’s View



insight from Molly

I love this piece by @lukashermsmeier about my book and the community that came out of occupy https://t.co/WkXS2amxNI

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bit on occupy via jon.. (via michel fb share)

thank you:Neither competitive nor cooperative, what is it?????


11 min – occupy was often asked.. what are you asking for.. what are you demanding.. and they refused to answer.. and i think very intelligently.. because anything that we propose to you is effectively asking for permission.. because there is an existing infrastructure system way of doing things.. this is effectively what occupy wall st was protesting was.. the system..t


and too.. if we really want change.. want to hasten change.. true .. we don’t need to answer to anyone.. but we do need to do something other than protest.. ie: revelation of everyday life et al

12 min – so rather than go ask the city for permission.. why can’t/don’t i.. because it’s cheaper/nicer.. go out w a pic/shovel and get rid of the asphalt.. plant a few shrubs.. because the city is already doing it in a bunch of places