occupy the revolution

Perhaps, a means to occupy the revolution today, right where you are (teachers):

Mark/record everyone as present

and give everyone an A.

[just a suggestion, if you want, you can. if not, no worries.

either way – blessed unrest is about to hit the (point of inflection) fan.]

grade & attend

We have enough evidence that our obsession with grades and attendance is/has been more detrimental than good. [Not to mention all the time (mental anguish) it takes.]

Why title our efforts nclb (no child left behind) – if our current system is set up to be skeptical if we don’t end up with some left behind (per the our current system’s definition of behind-ness). If perchance, everyone ends up with A’s and perfect attendance, it unsettles our bell-curve bent (another obsession).

A narrative for 100% of humanity, doesn’t seek permission from a bell curve. Our desire to control in order to help, … well, perhaps it’s hurting most of us. no?

brain graphic with words

Join the revolution.. wherever you are..today. We could indeed turn this on a dime (Illich).

seat time and test scores

And we do have a plan, not just flapping/whining/revolting – in the wind.

Perhaps we were quiet enough to hear the souls of people, everywhere.

And so perhaps, the plan, is your/our plan, forever emerging

public ed graphic



it’s a day – a special birthday and mom’s day – and so my run feels perhaps a bit freer. i’m skimming twitter, perhaps more freely. i see munoz, and .. save time and simplify. catches my eye. then i notice it’s to simplify – grading – so i carry on. then.. i grabbed it.

SimpleK12 (@SimpleK12)
5/12/13 7:15 AM
“Save Time and Simplify Your Grading” with @techmunoz Register free:goo.gl/0LSAU #sk12
havent yet read it..
but thinking.. after I flipped right past it..
perhaps a means to play in the rules without paying attention..
and I mean it literally..
without paying our time money people toward an extrinsic model of validity..
this is in a sense how we did the pilot math year. what’s the simplest way to get things done, if we must. so i thought, cool, this could free up some people’s time. (even though it would take some time.. going to the session, setting up what they have figured out.. probably still being in the grading mindset, et al)
then i wondered… what if we simplified it – by just marking everyone here and everyone with an a.
i knew – the moment the thought swam past – that from experience – that would get people riled up – doubting/questioning – how could everyone get an a. it would be a red flag.
then all i could here was nclb. and all i could see was a bell curve. and all i could think was – we’ve got such lovely verbiage (nclb) and yet the system itself perpetuates the opposite. it insists on the opposite.