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Strike Debt is an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street

current initiatives:

rolling jubilee..

We buy debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, we abolish it. We cannot buy specific individuals’ debt — instead, we help liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal. All proceeds go directly to buying and canceling people’s debt.

first heard about it via Astra Taylor.. then  (from data & society databite #39 – Laura Hanna)

2014 – strike debt as base for debt collective:

which then put out: can’t pay won’t pay


Jason Kander (@JasonKander) tweeted at 9:12 PM – 19 Sep 2017 :

So instead of making college more affordable, the GOP vision is for your parents to burn a year’s worth of tuition money on your birth. (

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ridiculous… game we play.. musical chairs keep subtracting from most


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The Debt Collective is a militant debtor-powered organization.




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student debt

money ness

money less

radical econ


colin – $200.. $10 goes to principal


World Economic Forum (@wef) tweeted at 6:52 AM – 7 Jan 2018 :

One of America’s Ivy League schools is eliminating student loans #education

brown to replace loans w scholarships


Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick) tweeted at 11:07 AM – 10 Feb 2018 :

There hasn’t been a day in more than I decade that I haven’t referenced my private student loans, the bane of my existence. Tomorrow, I make my @nytopinion debut in The Sunday Review writing about related guilt and struggles. (


StrikeDebt (@StrikeDebt) tweeted at 6:53 AM – 24 May 2018 :
Yes, shut them down. Make public universities completely free and a jubilee for all outstanding debt. This is the only solution. (

great start.. we need to get rid of money


David Graeber (@davidgraeber) tweeted at 5:21 AM on Wed, Jul 11, 2018:
And the grand prize for today’s youth? To be able to face the world in the way that everyone who’s ever lived in a non-pathological society assumes to be perfectly normal

New game show “Paid Off” offers chance to eliminate student loan debt.

StrikeDebt (@StrikeDebt) tweeted at 5:32 AM on Sat, Jul 14, 2018:
Like it or not, this is the world we live in now; people’s pain being set to a laugh track for all of us to enjoy. “Black Mirror,” eat your heart out.


ny med.. free tuition for all – 55 000 a year

At an average of $55,000 per year in tuition, many students who enter NYU’s School of Medicine end up following a career path that takes them into a high-paying specialty to offset their loans of $200,000 to $400,000.

With that in mind, NYU has decided to offer free tuition to students, regardless of need, encouraging them to go into family medicine, pediatrics, and research instead. The announcement came at the end of the White Coat Ceremony, where each student is issued their white coat, symbolizing the beginning of their journey.

“I’m proud to announce that as of right now, every student that we admit to New York University School of Medicine comes tuition-free,” Kenneth G. Langone, chair of the board of trustees, declared in a video announcement on Thursday. “And this includes the incoming class and the upperclassmen as well that are here right now—no more tuition. They walk out of here unencumbered, looking at a future where they can do what their passion tells them, which is to help people live better quality lives,” he added.

The plan, which will cover the standard tuition of approx. $55,000 per year, will not cover room and board or fees, which average $27,000 per year.

To cover tuition, the university has raised three-quarters of the expected $600 million needed from private donations and grants.

Three out of four medical students who graduated in 2017 were in debt, usually around $200,000. This can be one factor that ends with medical students committing suicide. Indeed, medical students are three times more likely to commit suicide than the rest of the general population in their age range—and debt can be one of the reasons.


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kittens not kids (@kittensnotkids) tweeted at 6:23 PM – 3 Sep 2018 :
@mcmansionhell @StrikeDebt Heheh last fall I was paid a total of $3800 to teach 106 students (no TAs, just me). THEY paid a total of AT LEAST (if all were in state) $318,000 to the university for just that one class. It was a 3-credit course. I have an MA and a PhD, and had taught for 12 years previously. (


CityLab (@CityLab) tweeted at 6:12 AM – 22 Oct 2018 :
“The people burdened by student debt are not the kind of overprivileged Millennials … but rather, it’s the people who were told that this is the only way to get ahead,” says @Econ_Marshall of @rooseveltinst. (


Jason Hickel (@jasonhickel) tweeted at 4:53 AM on Mon, Nov 26, 2018:
So my department just circulated a list of “student debtors” – students who haven’t been able to pay their whole fees who will be withdrawn in the middle of their studies.
Let’s be clear: the term “student debtor” should not exist, and has no place in a civilized society.


Caitlin Emma (@caitlinzemma) tweeted at 8:17 AM – 14 Dec 2018 :
The most read story on @politico: DeVos cancels $150M in student loan debt after losing court battle via @mstratford (

for closed schools – ie: corinthian colleges


The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 7 May 2019 :
More than 73,000 people have applied for debt forgiveness this year, according to Education Department data, but just 864 have had their loans erased. (


Astra Taylor (@astradisastra) tweeted at 7:54 PM – 15 Jun 2019 :
“The average American now dies in debt. $62K to be precise. The average American is laid to rest in a coffin made of unpayable debt.”
Gosh there should be an organization for these folks.
Oh wait there is! @StrikeDebt @0debtzone (


from cory

@locusmag: “There’s a name for societies where a small elite own property and everyone else rents that prop­erty from them: it’s called feudalism.” A new article by @doctorow!

sept 2 2019 article

Professors are offered substantial bribes to select the most expensive texts, and high-performance digital tools make it easy for publish­ers to make minor alterations every year or two so that earlier “editions” of the text are no longer in synch with the professors’ lesson plans, making used books effectively worthless.

strike debt


Democracy Now! (@democracynow) tweeted at 4:47 AM – 26 Oct 2019 :
Top U.S. Student Loan Official Quits, Calls for Massive Debt Forgiveness (


StrikeDebt (@StrikeDebt) tweeted at 5:12 AM – 10 Nov 2019 :
this is called taxes (

@diltiagem: Starting to feel like we should do a big GoFundMe nationally since there’s so many people who need it. Everyone contributes money to the GoFundMe and it goes to whoever gets sick


Lacy M. Johnson (@lacymjohnson) tweeted at 8:17 PM – 11 Dec 2019 :
When I left grad school in 2008, I owed $70k in federal student loans. (A poor choice I wouldn’t make again.) For the past 11 years, I’ve been making payments (except for a period of under employment), totaling about $60,000 in payments. Guess how much I still owe.
$70,000. (


via michel fb share: netherlands – Amsterdam to buy out young people’s debt to offer ‘new start’ – City’s municipal credit bank will cancel some debt if young adults engage with training schemes

The young people will have more of the debt cancelled if they successfully engage in training or an educational programme.


e: supposed to’s.. of school/work et al


“Even if a limited jubilee comes to pass, we cannot allow debt relief to stand alone. The day after the executive order comes into effect, the numbers will start rising again.”
Yep. We need College for All legislation w/ tuition-free education. Now.
Original Tweet:

and/or rethink/reset how we do ed/higher-ed et al (aka: life)

issue is more than just a money suck.. also a time suck.. via the package deal ness of credentials et al

we gotta let go of all that if we want legit free/alive people

ie: if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity


I wrote this because it’s so important that we understand how change happens. It doesn’t happen over night. It doesn’t happen in one fell swoop.
It takes the slow building of solidarity, it takes strategy, it takes persistence, lucky breaks, and allies, including unlikely ones.
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but it’s not legit change.. (just another distraction of what we’re capable of – legit freedom/equity – for everyone)

today.. legit change can (and has to) happen over night..

the dance won’t dance unless/until we’re all in sync

humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..