martian child

27 min – learning how to be a human.. part of a family

30 min – not everyone is born to be a go-with-the-flow happy little gap kid

41 min – just be yourself.. that’s all you gotta do (love is where all of us belong)

1:02 – maybe the one’s who have it easy are missing part of the adventure

1:06 – is it good to be like everyone else..?

is it good to be

1:09 – (shining like a work of art..)

1:12 – when you love somebody it’s really hard when you can’t see them anymore

1:13 – … right now.. you and me here.. put together entirely from atoms.. sitting on this round rock with the core of liquid iron.. held down by this force that ….troubles you call gravity all the while spinning around the sun at 67,000 mph and whizing through the milky way at 600,000 mph a universe that very well may be chasing its own tail at the speed of light .. and amidst all this frantic activity fully cognizant of our own inimate demise which is a pretty way of saying.. we all know we are going to die. ..we reach out to one another. sometimes for the sake of vanity sometimes for reasons you’re not old enough to understand yet… but a lot of the time we just reach out .. and expect nothing in return..

1:14 – because if i’m myself they won’t let me stay with you..?

1:28 – why can’t you just be what we want you to be..

1:35 – underneath all of this i think you just want to belong to someone

1:37 – how could they not see how extraordinary you are.. how big your heart is… you’re my home

1:38 – sometimes we forget that children have just arrived on the earth.. they are a little like aliens coming into being as bundles of energy and pure potential.. here on some kind of exploratory mission and they’re just trying to learn what it means to be human…

trust children – John Holt

1:39 – (runnin’ down the avenue.. see how the sun shines brightly..)



John Cusack


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