interesting/appropriate that in 1.. school used as ie..


just after reading re imagining value report.. and watching mona lisa smile.. and reading instrumental.. i added mona lisa compare law..

huge for human beings..

in order to exchange value.. (which seems to be the os of all our hours/energies/b/B et al..)

in particular (particularly resonating):

p3 – re imagining value report

Value is regarded as a morally neutral attribute that arises from the natural workings of free and independent individual agents. Market champions celebrate

*“exchange value

that supposedly stems from rational and efficient consumer/seller transactions.

what if once we go from value to *exchange value.. we lose value – 10 day cares et al

perhaps true value is a perception per individual per day per hour.. whatever.. so the idea of exchanging it .. which implies measure\ing it.. makes no sense.. it compromises value.. trying to get some norma value label.. some consensus.. which then oppresses not only the concept of value.. but the people who hold it..

exchanging ness.. transaction ness.. is the thing that’s not natural..

value can’t be compared.. from one thing/time/person/whatever to another.. so exchanges ness.. well..

then happen to be watching this (mona lisa smile) .. and oh my.. so very fitting.. the labels.. the comparisons..

ie: lots of things.. but one in particular..  what is art.. who decides.. not comparing things..

8:32 –  i’m not comparing them

12 min – it’s not on the syllabus…

no it’s not.. is it any good.. there’s no wrong answer.. there’s also no textbook telling you what to think.. it’s not that easy is it

alright no.. it’s not good.. i wouldn’t even call it art…aren’t there standards.. of course there are .. otherwise..a tacky velvet painting could be equated with rembrandt.. hey.. my uncle has two tacky velvet paintings.. he loves those clowns.. there are standards/technique/composition/color.. even subject.. so if you’re suggesting that rotted side of meat is art.. much less good art.. then what are we going to learn

just that.. you have outlined our new syllabus betty.. what is art.. what makes it good or bad and who decides..

13 min ish – next slide..

25 yrs ago someone thought this was mother .. i painted it for her slide.. this is my mom.. is it art..

it’s a snapshot..

if i’d told you ansel adams had taken it would that make a difference

art isn’t art until someone says it is..

it’s art..

the right people..

who are they..

value ness..

back to report p 17

our confusion about value stems from trying to assign a location for it, as if it inheres in a static object. “We must try to see value as living within a dynamic process.”

antifragility/emergence‘et-al.. makes exchange value irrelevant.. which makes comparing irrelevant.. which is good.. because that’s why exchange value is irrelevant.. because comparing is impossible.. because no one sees things the same.. no song can be played the same.. even by same person.. et al..



measure\ing things

binary ness

of math and men

eisenstein i know you law – listen deeper – things not always as they seem

devijver assume good law – save energy


let’s just quit comparing everything..