mona lisa smile

just finished reading/commenting on re imagining value report..

in particular (particularly resonating):


Value is regarded as a morally neutral attribute that arises from the natural workings of free and independent individual agents. Market champions celebrate

*“exchange value

that supposedly stems from rational and efficient consumer/seller transactions.

what if once we go from value to *exchange value.. we lose value – 10 day cares et al

perhaps true value is a perception per individual per day per hour.. whatever.. so the idea of exchanging it .. which implies measure\ing it.. makes no sense.. it compromises value.. trying to get some norma value label.. some consensus.. which then oppresses not only the concept of value.. but the people who hold it..

exchanging ness.. transaction ness.. is the thing that’s not natural..

value can’t be compared.. from one thing/time/person/whatever to another.. so exchanges ness.. well..

then happen to be watching this (mona lisa smile) .. and oh my.. so very fitting.. the labels.. the comparisons..

ie: lots of things.. but one in particular..  what is art.. who decides.. not comparing things..

8:32 –  i’m not comparing them

mona lisa smile compare law


12 min – it’s not on the syllabus…

no it’s not.. is it any good.. there’s no wrong answer.. there’s also no textbook telling you what to think.. it’s not that easy is it

alright no.. it’s not good.. i wouldn’t even call it art…aren’t there standards.. of course there are .. otherwise..a tacky velvet painting could be equated with rembrandt.. hey.. my uncle has two tacky velvet paintings.. he loves those clowns.. there are standards/technique/composition/color.. even subject.. so if you’re suggesting that rotted side of meat is art.. much less good art.. then what are we going to learn

just that.. you have outlined our new syllabus betty.. what is art.. what makes it good or bad and who decides..

13 min ish – next slide..

25 yrs ago someone thought this was mother .. i painted it for her slide.. this is my mom.. is it art..

it’s a snapshot..

if i’d told you ansel adams had taken it would that make a difference

art isn’t art until someone says it is..

it’s art..

the right people..

who are they..

value ness..

so.. adding page/notes..

? min: not so easy when a book isn’t telling you how to think

23 min: there are a lot of labels here.. i’ve noticed.. right family/school/art.. right way of thinking

well.. saves the effort on thinking for yourself..

24 min – 5 yrs ago they’d have slapped my wrist.. now.. there’s a committee for the protection of everything..

they think you’re dangerous

no..  subversive

28 min – assign.. compare two forms of art.. essay with so many words.. timed..

what the heck..?

37 min – you’re not required to write a paper.. or even like.. you are required to consider it

47 min – van gogh – he painted what he felt not what he saw.. people didn’t understand.. to them it seemed childlike and crude.. it took years for them to recognize his actual technique.. to see the way his brush strokes seemed to make the night sky move.. yet.. he never sold a painting in his lifetime.. his self-portrait.. no camouflage.. no romance.. honesty.. now 60 yrs later.. where is he.. so famous.. that everybody has a reproduction.. w ability to reproduce art it is available to the masses.. no one needs to own a van gogh original.. they can paint their own.. van gogh in a box.. newest form of mass distributed art.. paint by numbers

48 min – reading: now everyone can be van gogh it’s so easy.. just follow the simple instructions..and in minutes you’re on your way to being an artis

49 min – .. ironic isn’t it.. look at what we have done to the man who refused to conform his ideals to popular taste.. who refused to compromise his integrity.. we have put him in a tiny box and asked you to copy him… so the choice is yours.. you can conform to what other people expect.. or you can (interrupted.. i know.. be ourselves)

don’t disregard our traditions just because you’re subversive

don’t disrespect this class just because you are married

55 min – betty writes: war on sacrament of marriage.. her subversive ways encourage us to reject the roles we were born to fulfill


56 min – slide..what will future scholars see when they study us.. a portrait of women today.. perfect grad doing exactly what she was trained to do.. cleaning ad.. ironing ad..  a girdle to set you free.. what does that mean.. i give up.. you win..*the smartest women in the country.. i didn’t realize that by demanding excellence.. i would be challenging .. what did it say.. the roles you were born to fill.. sorry.. it’s my mistake.


58 min – they’re just biding their time until somebody proposes..

a hundred years ago it was inconceivable for a woman to be a college graduate.. perhaps you should look back to see how far we’ve come

i’m sorry .. from where i sit it’s just a different kind of corset

well we can all use a little support

oh.. like the kind you gave amanda (fired)

she broke the law

according to betty warren

according to the state of massachusetts

59 min – brilliant really .. a finishing school disguised as a college.. i thought it was a place for tomorrow’s leaders not their wives

1:00 – bill: change takes time you know.. you’ve got to let them catch up with you

if people are dying..? we just keep everything on hold till everyone.. catches up..?

1:15 – joan: being a housewife doesn’t make me any less smart.. do you think i’ll regret being a lawyer.. not as much as i’ll regret not having a family..not being there to raise them.. i know exactly what i’m doing and it doesn’t make me any less smart.. you stand in class and tell us to look beyond the image.. but you don’t.. to you a housewife is someone who sold her soul for a center hall colonial..she has no depth/intellect/interests.. you’re the one who said i could do anything i wanted.. this is what i want..

1:22 – bill: you didn’t come to .. help people find their way.. came to help people find your way  (walks away)

soooo resonating.. diff between your way.. and your way that is a way for 7 bn plus asking.. do you see the people in front of you.. do you..? deep enough..?

walk away..

1:24 – on mother saying no to divorce

look (mona lisa).. she’s smiling .. is she happy

the important thing is not to tell anyone

she looks happy.. so what does it matter

don’t wash your dirty laundry in public

not everything is as it seems

1:25 – we invite you back based on conditions 1\ teach only syllabus via dept chair 2\ all lesson plans submitted for approval and revisions  3\ shall not provide counsel beyond your own subject  4\ agree to strictly prof relationship w all members of faculty..

1:27 – girls: the context it comes from affects the way we look at it.. i think it provokes us because it provoked the painter.. and in turn.. he’s kind of sending that message to us.. whether or not it’s a good painting cannot be subjective….i feel like i’m missing something

1:30 – to change for others is to lie to yourself..

(betty writes) – lived her by own definition.. didn’t compromise herself .. even for wellesley..i dedicate last editorial to an extraord woman.. who lived by ie and compelled us all to see the world *thru new eyes…. find ing new walls to break down and new ideas to replace them..

*not hers.. new ones.. ie: your own..

1:31 – i’ve heard her called a *quitter for leaving.. and aimless wanderer.. but not all who wander are **aimless.. especially those who seek truth beyond tradition.. beyond definition.. beyond the image..

*the it is me ness

**and having an aim isn’t the point.. too static for a human.. unless the aim is purely.. eudaimonia ness


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“Part of the problem is simply that Mona Lisa Smile is a Hollywood film, and Hollywood isn’t good at depicting the life of the mind..