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In five minutes, I start talking with David Orban (@davidorban)


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67 min video – aug 2020 – The Resurgence Of The Commons With Michel Bauwens SFTQL 68

’17 min – we have to develop a society in economics as if the commons mattered.. t

indeed.. but it won’t work if we keep enclosing – no matter how much we think we aren’t.. ie: commons has to include everything/everybody … or it won’t work

19 min – @davidorban: we have to wake up to the need of a fundamental re org of society.. on a planetary scale.. not even society.. of human civilization.. t

ie: 2 convers as infra

cure ios city as human scale

20 min – i think tech is not primary.. it’s not neutral either.. t

d: i love it.. because it is exactly the opposite of my pov.. i say exactly the same words but in reverse order.. what i say is that tech causes society to adopt a given shape

? – not sure what you mean by opposite i guess..

but i think 1\ we do need tech to undo our hierarchical listening .. to augment our interconnectedness.. to get us out of this mess and.. and 2\ perhaps we can have tech w/o judgment ie: tech as it could be .. and we keep missing it.. because we keep focusing on the wrong (non legit) data

23 min – p2p designed to avoid control..

not doing it if ie: market et al.. any red flags

if we change structure of society.. we will very likely think very differently about tech.. t

but.. maybe we need tech to facil the chaos (because it has to be all of us) changing structure of society

ie: tech as it could be today

27 min – what is missing is the interest of the elites .. t

begs we org around something basic to 100% of humanity.. something all of us already crave (are interested in) – again.. has to be all of us from the get go or it won’t work

d: the interplay between what is possible, desirable, what gets realized because the right kind of incentives are there.. are a very rich interplay..t

thinking we need incentives.. huge red flag we’re doing it (life) wrong..

instead.. let’s focus on (use tech to) listen deeper to the itch-in-8b-souls.. everyday and use that data to connect us

28 min – d: we never are smart enough to find the solution to these complex systems.. t

perhaps we let go of solution ness.. and focus on being/living ness

intellect ness is killing us.. it’s killing the possibility of legit common\ing

d: both in our personal lives.. we make compromises that diminish our state of health/satisfaction.. our greed/selfishness collide w our desire to empathize w others.. the nation states dominating regulatory environ that is the basics of the econ/social incentives that form societies are themselves both myopic and aspired to be moral leaders.. really not justified..

29 min – the accounting approach is pretty interesting.. the way we are accounting for value basically.. is indeed not something that is a natural law

accounting ness as a red flag

this is what we call the value regime.. only value – scarce commodity ..skews rules of what is value and what is not.. what we need is a contributary regime..

contribution ness – another red flag – because it gets/keeps us measuring things

we need to let go of any form of measuring/accounting

30 min – if you look at work – am reading jason moore.. capitalism and the web of life

david keeps posting images of whatever michel is referring to.. michel ‘i’ve always dreamed of this’


31 min – people can freely add contributions because of tech.. issue is .. how can we have fairness in communities.. switch to contributory regime.. recognize all value which is/are commons.. create boundary between internal/external societies.. so all income from outside refiltered in diff way internally.. this is what i call contributory accounting

if we want legit common\ing we need to let go of money (any form of measuring/accounting)

33 min – where i see the problem today is that we don’t have institutions that take care of this new layer.. old layer no longer capable of dealing w challenges that are now meta local – nation states not fully able to respond

any form of any form of measuring/accounting not capable of dealing w human beings/scale.. let go

34 min – d: ie of pandemic.. no nation has been able to put in place the measures that would manage the pandemic in a manner that fulfilled their mission of protecting citizens.. thriving econ etc

much like trying to med ourselves out of sickness.. rather than realizing how the human body can heal..

we don’t need measure to manage .. we need to get to healing (roots of)

35 min – i don’t think we have *anything right now that can replace the functional role of the state

well.. *nothing you can hear.. (which has to be part of the *thing.. undoing our hierarchical listening )

 ie: cure ios city would go beyond replacing role of state.. to healing/waking 8b people

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people

i’m not a libertarian.. i’m not an anarchist.. i believe what we need are institutions for the common good at the territorial level

36 min – covid shows opp of what you said in my view.. thailand.. only 53 people have died..

39 min – my point is .. we need institutions

yeah.. if we keep enclosing..

and/or.. call this infra an institution

41 min – 11-14th cent in w europe – high functioning.. everything based on contracts.. i think now moving back to idea of distribution.. i think we need to do more about hybrid forms.. capital-state-nation.. i’m suggesting commons is at the core.. around commons regen entities

42 min – can we develop business forms around these commons that can actually enrich community and resource base (then gives ie’s)

not going to work .. not common\ing unless we let go of money (any form of measuring/accounting)

44 min – outside in incentives.. ie: investment in creative econ.. will support more.. and support less those that support commons.. using incentives outside to force adaptation inside.. i think this is very hopeful

let goincentives keep us from us

46 min – d: on tech becoming accessible to everyone .. ie: phone.. today .. literally everyone has a phone.. including poor farmers in thailand et al.. emancipating selves w democratizing force of mobil communications

but never has been accessible to everyone.. googling just now says 67% have device.. googling how many have internet access – 16%

not to mention .. even if everyone did.. we still have this hierarchical listening – enclosing all of us

so .. not everyone at all.. and it (life/commoning) will never work unless it’s all of us .. from the get go

47 min – d: common assumption of ai – if robots take it.. less for people to do.. instead.. i believe.. beginning of transition w help of ai/automation.. increasing numbers of people.. is going to be able to participate.. in a new way of existing.. where passions/talents are primary driver of what you do and not the econ incentive..

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people

48 min – on enclosures of commons in history – tech frees resources.. no longer have to work.. frees human energy.. this is the positive side.. so i don’t think ai in itself is the issue.. but other side.. ai owned by private co’s.. et al.. facing a very fast impoverishment of middle/working classes.. my view is .. that’s why we need politics.. need to find new redistribution mechs

true.. but also .. deeper.. first.. need to get 8b people to know what they legit want/need.. what enough is.. otherwise.. no redistribution mechs will matter.. still spinning our wheels.. wasting energy et al

51 min – we now have class of people.. highly educated with ideals that want to do meaningful work

highly educated.. translates to black science of people/whales law

52 min – need to find a system of social solidarity that fits new situation.. ie: coop takes care of my invoicing.. fee funds coop.. creates salary for freelancers.. et al.. they call it autonomous workers

let go man

let’s try/trust cure ios city

54 min – d: how are we going to adopt the new system.. how are we going to get there..t

ie: short bp via 2 convers as infra

has to be deep/simple/open enough for 8b people to resonate with and access today

55 min – we have to start by strengthening the autonomous sphere of globally internet worked commons.. create first.. commons itself.. open production.. then how to fund.. make a living.. so start creating generative econ entities.. creates generative econ entities around commons

56 min – also create new institutions to manage infra – what i call contributory.. this is a seed form of potential new econ

co’s that work in open source are rarely generative.. so i present things like copyfair license.. reciprocity copy fare

fuller too much law

reciprocity another red flag

58 min – reverse co optation – using capital to create more commons.. value transfer from one system to another

not common\ing

10-day-care-center\ness et al.. killing us

59 min – next step.. how to get political support – i think it’s the local level.. cities.. working together to create global open design depositories.. protocol cooperativism.. ie: fair bnb.. so have global governance model that bypasses nation state.. but still has governance

1:02 – if not powerful.. won’t get anywhere.. my critique on utopian.. purely horizontal.. if we just talk together.. et al.. no.. i think we need a engage w institutional world and create a form of power.. where this positions can advance..

i agree we can’t just talk .. gather.. we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening in order to augment our interconnectedness

engaging w institutional world only exacerbates on that hierarchy

1:04 – i bet that not 100% of humanity is going to die

well.. if legit listening.. 100% of humanity has already died..

what we need is a means to wake us all back up