mehdi ordikhani-seyedlar

about what we are trying to focus on..

grokking what matters

but also what our brain is trying to filter out

disengaging from irrelevants

overt  move eyes in order to pay attention.. covert – pay attention w/o moving eyes

see w heart ness

choosing the wrong patterns will give us wrong models.. and therefore wrong therapies

exactly.. sci of people ness – so much data/patterns.. that are not us..

filtering is key in attention.. and is missing in some people.. adhd is just one ie

adhd – et al

what if we could train brain to inhibit these distractors..

imagine if we can find brain wave patterns when people think about images/letters

idio jargon ness..  beyond words .. legible.. ness.. icon speak

hlb to facil curiosity of 7 bn via 2 convos..that’s our focus.. our energy ..

getting us to eudaimoniative surplus – ongoing focus – aka: the thing you can’t not do

a nother way


on travel ban

Scientist turns down job at due to tighter visa restrictions via

nationality: human

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