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intro’d to Mara in her 2017 tedxmilehigh: how kids can help design cities


2012-2014 – boulder redesigns downtown park .. w help of 200 kids – pre school to high school.. visited in classrooms and presented project

have you used city sketchup?

7 min – were all ideas used.. of course not.. democracy is a messy process.. 9 yr doesn’t expect that..t

perhaps only because we’ve taught them not to..

imagining what we need most is the energy of 7bn alive people.. before we school them/us

city as school for all of us.. (has to be all of us.. all day) as cure ios city..  in the city.. as the day

kids think diff from *adults – fun play an movement are what adults need too

so do elderly.. and home less and artistics..

11 min – children are inclusive.. design for everyone.. not for cars, egos, corps

not yet scrambled

12 min – enrique – children as indicator


13 mi – if we aren’t including children.. who else aren’t we including.. what are we missing if not hearing voices of full community

begs a mech to listen to every voice.. every day.. ie: tech as it could be..

2 convers as infra via gershenfeld something else law


more from our findings:

making obstacle courses/activities in the city:

city ness


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Co-Founder and Director of Growing Up Boulder

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Mara Mintzer is a founder of Growing Up Boulder (GUB), Boulder’s child- and youth-friendly city initiative, based out of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Community Engagement Design and Research (CEDaR) Center.  As the director of GUB, Mara helps integrate children and youth voices into Boulder’s city planning.  She writes and presents internationally on the topic of engaging young people in planning, including in a 2017 TEDx talk entitled, “We let kids design our city—here’s what happened.”  Prior to GUB, Mara was the director of Belle Haven Community School in California, where she oversaw child and family support services for families on an underresourced school campus.  She has designed and implemented a wide variety of programs for underrepresented children, families and neighborhoods in New York and California.  Mara received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brown University and a master’s degree  in organizational psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University.  She speaks Spanish and French and loves to travel and live abroad