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on her writing process:

Yeah. Since my writing tends to be of the highest quality when I get up so early and haven’t spoken to anybody else, I’ve done different things to try to simulate that first-thing-in-the-morning brain. I can sometimes eke out three writing sessions by trying to simulate that: by doing things like taking a 10-minute nap after I drop off the kids from school. Another thing that can jog me into that state is going for a run. So I’ll finish a writing session, go for a run, come back, and for some reason I’m right there again.

huge to global reset.. getting 7bn people to start fresh every day with what matters to them.. ie: daily curiosities..

tech as it could be…. taking in self-talk as data..  via 2 convers as infra

I’ve also always really loved writing in sterile, windowless places, so for years I’ve written in a variety of closets. I put a desk in a small room with no windows and that really helps me as well. So quirky little things like that that you learn about yourself.