human 2015 (doc)

from films for action – shared on fb by Amber

human (2015)

p1 –

1:02 – on being less happy w more money – yet i still want more… any of these transient things.. somehow can’t rationalize self into wanting less. i like things. but things only make me happy for a short time….. i don’t know how to make a depressed person happy. you can’t give them a thing and make them happy. frustrated cures don’t exist.. can’t just wave a wand and make my son.. better.


2 needs

[so many poignant moments/comments/looks before this one.. but this one made me add this page]

1:09 – poverty is a state. that lasts. for many people. too many people.

poverty ness

1:09 – in our language there is no such word for please or thank you… sharing was assumed.. today.. we say mine.. et al.. today it’s killing the race… the human race. ..purely because of money

1:12 – who will listen to us….

she doesn’t flinch when a fly is lands/stays …on her eyelid..

1:15 – José Mujica – it doesn’t matter if i’m the president of uruguay.. i spent 10 yrs in a solitary confinement cell. time to think. unless you’re happy w very little – not overburdening yourself.. happiness from inside.. you’ll get nowhere. i’m not advocating poverty. i’m advocating sobriety. but we invented a consumer society. which is continually seeking growth. when there is no growth… it’s tragic….. when i buy something.. i’m not buying it with money.. we’re paying for it with the time from our lives we had to spend to earn that money. the difference is that you can’t buy life. life just goes by. and it’s terrible to waste your life. losing your freedom.


money less ness

revolution of everyday life


p2 –

7 min – they forget the essential: humanity

nationality: human ness

11 min – incomprehensible. and impossible to forget.

19 min – the endless cycle. once you kill a man.

21 min – i can’t tell you how the war was how being a vet was.. in a way you’d understand. i don’t have words. more helpful.. how i’m getting along now.. because that’s all i’m trying to do.

thinking of dirty wars

34 min – on weird convos w jews – from there – whole demonization of the other was so hard to follow anymore.. because we got to see the human being…. we have to bring down those walls that separate us.. if we know each other a little better, as humans, we might be able to love each other instead of kill each other.

58 min – always get up again. if i lived in the past i’d spend my time crying, bitter. i wouldn’t be friendly. you have to know how to play and smile, because living in the past is no use. you have to live in the present.

1:05 – it’s a beautiful glass..

1:10 – love all people for what they are deep down… for only the love of people can save the world.

love people


p3 –

48 min – debt of farmers – suicide

debt, suicide, shiva

50 min – fastest growing sector in india is not software or it.. it’s inequality. completely unacceptable.. how closely the affluence of the few is tied to the misery of the many

1:11 – thanks to money and money alone.. i was able to protect my child.. so what kind of justice, what kind of law can we talk about

1:22 – where’s the message of the child i once was..

1 yr to be 5 ness


clip from Bryan Stevenson on human movie:
opposite of poverty is justice
i’ve never met a person who i could say this person is beyond redemption/hope/restoration
more people have said what can i do to help you in the last 14 hrs.. than first 13 yrs..  we did something profoundly immoral

elevating those impulses w/in all of us that recognize compassion…redemption.. restoration

i know you ness

death penalty is a distraction from important human journey that gets us closer to one another


vol 1 2015 – love

6 min – i thought love was how much pain people give you… until she taught me love

1:03 – still sucks the air right our of me.. see top of page.. you can’t make a depressed person happy.. you can’t give them a thing to make them happy…


vol 2 – war..

oh.. the costs of war.. of the unsettled heart… the i know you ness


vol 3 – happiness..

love the visuals and music in all 3 – but esp love 11 to 15 min in this one – washing clothes.. to soccer

don’t really like the parts on education… esp 18 min on this one…diploma et al

50 min – fastest growing sector in india.. not tech or it.. but inequality. to see how closely the affluence of the few is tied to the misery of the many.. that’s unacceptable.. – Sainath (50)

1:21 – section on meaing of life – Argus recounting story – of meaning being carrying a message – and not losing it – from the child to the adult.. you were/are..


José‘s bit

from human 2015

2 min – spent almost 10 yrs in hole in solitary.. time to think.. what i found.. either you’re happy with very little.. free of all that extra luggage because you have happiness inside, or you don’t get anywhere

i am not advocating poverty – i am advocating sobriety

since we have invented a consumer society.. the econ must constantly grow… we have invented a mountain of superfluous needs

when we buy something.. we are not paying money for it.. you’re paying with the hours of your life you had to spend earning that money… the difference is that life is one thing money can’t buy.. life only gets shorter.. and it’s pitiful to waste one’s life and freedom that way..

what i suggest is that we quit wasting resources on useless things

6 min – it’s not a lack of resources.. it’s a lack of govt.. govt’s are preoccupied with winning the next election, with who’s going to be boss.. we fight for power and we forget people and the world issues… the crisis is not environmental.. it’s political

7 min – you can always pick yourself up again.. it’s always important to start from zero again.. once.. or a thousand times.. as long as you are still alive. that’s the biggest lesson in life..

we need a do-over.. for (blank)’s sake.. to get us to a nother way to live.. that focuses on 7 bill daily.. do-overs… equity.. everyone getting a go (a fresh/new go) everyday..