game on

exponentiate equity graph

meaning a new deal (game).. much like at the time of the great depression.. only now we know more and we can make the synchronicity just right. so that what matters most – the unconditionality/no-strings-attached – of the deal is doable.

we now have the means (tech) to ground the chaos of 7 billion people playing the game.. aka: following their whimsy, having the bravery to change their mind, ..



and that means.. exponentiated equity/sustainability is/will happen.. aka: 7 billion people could be free within a very short time. free to do/be the thing(s) they can’t not do/be. like creating spaces for everyone, crafting tools, curing disease/violence, cleaning things up, .. et al..

that would be not just another game, but a new game. one we’ve not yet experienced, because we’ve not yet trusted 7 billion people… to play/be curious. in the city. as the day.


a new deal as we reshuffle the deck, begs new rules. [we currently spend too may of our days/hours – making/securing/enforcing/breaking/judging/earning/validating – rules/policy]

imagine if we only have one rule:


in order to live that rule.. & allow others to live it too.. we need to..

  1. trust people.

  2. trust curiosity.