a new deal

aka: the great human depression gets an equitable new deal.


play on words from the great depression and the new deal:

great depression & new deal


perhaps we try:

game over. (again)

(with a much different)

..game on.

not – money so people can consume/earn more and keep buyers/sellers economy going..

but rather – money so people can forget about money/consumerism and ignite share/gift/connection economy


what’s the deal


unconditional basic income – iu is/might be a great happening/example of – ie: pay per census.

although – without rest of the sync – may take forever and/or sabbotage itself..


april 2015 – shared by Sandy on fb – from David Simon 2013:


Ultimately we abandoned that and believed in the idea of trickle-down and the idea of the market economy and the market knows best, to the point where now libertarianism in my country is actually being taken seriously as an intelligent mode of political thought. It’s astonishing to me. But it is. People are saying I don’t need anything but my own ability to earn a profit. I’m not connected to society. I don’t care how the road got built, I don’t care where the firefighter comes from, I don’t care who educates the kids other than my kids. I am me. It’s the triumph of the self. I am me, hear me roar.”

“So how does it get better? In 1932, it got better because they dealt the cards again and there was a communal logic that said nobody’s going to get left behind. We’re going to figure this out. We’re going to get the banks open. From the depths of that depression a social compact was made between worker, between labour and capital that actually allowed people to have some hope.

We’re either going to do that in some practical way when things get bad enough or we’re going to keep going the way we’re going, at which point there’s going to be enough people standing on the outside of this mess that somebody’s going to pick up a brick, because you know when people get to the end there’s always the brick. I hope we go for the first option but I’m losing faith.