essena o’neill

essena oneill

intro’d to Essena here:

P.S when the new form of social sharing comes out, something that doesn’t revolve around likes and views but based on similar topics/quality for example, I will see you there, whenever that day comes…. We must create change.

io dance ness – ps in the open

resonating with us seeking app\chip ness – as not like able..


notes from her 17 min video – to her 12 yr old self (no longer available since she deleted youtube account)

6 min – when you let yourself be defined by numbers… you let yourself be defined by something that is not real.. not pure.. not love..

7 min – is making your whole day proving to everyone else you’re amazing.. is that life..
dang.. this is beyond sm… this is ie: school, work, … no?
spaces of permission w nothing to prove
9 min – i’ve let myself be defined by something that is so not real
10 min – go do things you love to do in the real world…
11 min – it’s a lot harder to sit with yourself and get real.. with what you want with your life.. no one does that anymore
pascal quiet in room
self-talk as data ness
a nother way
12 min – this all happened when i turned my phone off for a week and realized i didn’t know myself w/o sm and w/o my physical appearance

12:30 – you don’t have to do anything but explore what excites you.

luxury – of all of us.. doing something else

15 min – do something you love.. find the people that are doing that as well.
find your people. in the city. as the day.
revolution of everyday life.
do-over – ad infinitum..
16 min – what’s scary when we need to talk to a stranger.. but how f d up is that
from her friend ..bonny rebecca (as another perspective.. and of course there are many others.. and many other life situations – can’t even begin – … each in our own idiosyncratic ness… juxtaposed against the other.. every day. no? that dance. if we can just get deep enough for i know you ness.]


2 min – do i feel good about this..?
a nother way book – as the day –
i have let go of my obsession of pleasing others.. that’s what trapped me in the first place…. i want to do stuff that matters to me.
a story about people grokking what matters… ness
short – 2 needsdeep/simple/open enough.. for all of us.
find/follow Essena..
lets be game changers
per her sentiment.. perhaps do this first…  find/be you.
none of us are free
depression et al
hunger games et al