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We are a group of radical economists, finance theorists, software architects, game designers, artists, lawyers, peer production experts and decentralized application engineers – exactly what is needed to reimagine what economy can be.

perhaps not exactly.. i think you’re missing a big piece .. of what disturbance to the ecosystem is.. we have to let go of measuring things.. (transactions, people, value, ..).. to me this is why we haven’t yet gotten to global equity (everyone getting a go everyday).. which .. by your advisors.. i believe is something you’re actually seeking

some of advisor’s: Vinay, Ben, Douglas, Esko, Marina, Brett, ..


intro’d to econ space ag via michel fb share:

crucial insight:

” Programmable organizations enable production to be organized in a way that makes social criteria the rationale for production; not a constraint on it.”..t


not crucial and not insight.. as long as we keep measuring .. the transactions.. et al.. won’t get us to ‘social criteria as rationale’

That’s a big claim. It announces new economic possibilities that, while not entirely novel in their vision, are wildly new in the conception of their reach and mode of organization…t

spot on.. not new.. still measuring transactions..  so .. if true in reach and mode of org.. still a disturbance to the ecosystem.. so.. just more of the wrong thing..

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the best article on the crypto economy I have seen so far: “the crypto economy is not just another tech sector. It is a different way of doing the economy”, a must read:

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article by Dick Bryan and Akseli Virtanen @econaut6


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