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cool jets.

imagine setting even that free.

in the city. as the day.




note: i‘m thinking cities of learning is definitely on the edge/verge/proximity of the deschooling/unbundling we so need. [ie: badges – unbundling from the uni/school the course the topic/interest. .. and onward to the curiosity of the moment] my wonder/fear/struggle.. is 1) that something like a badge will be/become a scenario like the 10 day cares, and that 2) the initiative currently takes on too much energy as we feel inclined/coerced to keep on with our day job – cc ness. so while i’m loving hearing of it happening.. because of that – it’s actually happening… and opening up doors for people, in the now –  i’m feeling led to keep focused on a mechanism (perhaps a leapfrog to) the utopian 100%/simple/ridiculous vision – that i believe our hearts know is possible. something that might not work.. but that i can’t not try.


july 28 talk:

original – chicago city of learning came out of mayor’s office

making sure robust learning happens outside of school – and esp during summer



1. make more visible all available learning opportunities in the city (upper income spend $11000 + per child on extra curricular)

2. to connect those opportunities – along the lines of interests – so young people learn to understand how their interests are connected to other things.. and also provide with capital.. mentors..

3. to recognize what they achieve through digital badges – to light these pathways we are trying to design – and create a language that can communicate what young people learn how to do

how to make this year round? we have a partnership with chicago public school – every kid has an account for badges

how to make this pd for teachers and for college level..

q&a – assurance of representing rigor and mastery

dallas purpose – to get kids ways to explore the city – which is tough having it so large and spread out.. access-wise

we wanted neighborhood events tucked away throughout different parts of the community – bus that distributed digital badges on site

la – main focus – understanding of 5 badges – vision – access to those that don’t have access – make sure to track student progress (for research w/for district) – how to collect info of all that they are learning – for teachers/classrooms.. also helping teachers to offer badges – ie: for field trips, etc, museum providing badges et al

on our website – curriculum – work force development badges

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erin (dallas?)

habits of mind badges..

knowledge and skills badges..

not there yet as far as supporting our district wide curriculum… wanting to ensure that the merit of badges match district expectations.. ie: what is exact skill/knowledge – in order to offer a badge.. often it was more that they were earning a habits of mind badge than a knowledge and skill badge

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(chicago – sybil?) – all cities are using same badges.. 4 types:

habits of mind


knowledge & skill

showcase – level of sharing

next step is bringing people together to establish badges together – with standard criteria..


we’re having the district looking at badges to see if the district would endorse those badges – ie: for community work

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1st – i love that this is happening..

2nd -….sounds like a lot of work and a lot of potential compromise (on authenticity)  – because 1. we don’t trust stigmergy ness and/or 2. we don’t have a mechanism for stigmergy ness in place..