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go to person is probably Doug Belshaw..

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aug 2014:


via Cathy Davidsonbadges now

 Is badging perfect?  Not at all.  Is it better?  Way better. 


beta of badgekit shared at dml2014, boston:



create your own badge system..

Create your own badging system, with guidance from @NMHS_lms #openbadges


future of ed badges..


‘Until the value problem is solved the potential for #digitalbadges in #highered will be limited.’

Original Tweet:

Evaluators need a better, faster way to value digital badges. Until this value problem is solved, the potential for digital badging in higher education will be limited.
To address the value problem, we recently started a project called Open Badge Exchangedesigned to provide a public, distributed, and shared badge transaction ledger.
what if the value problem isn’t about a person’s/evaluator’s ability/speed to assign value.. but rather assuming it can be done. might we get to the place where the person’s trail is enough/better. what if we were able to make inspecting/validating/credentialing.. irrelevant..

Timothy on badges:

great visual of nodes of learning.. just wonder if others labeling them will always mess with our gut/intrinsic authenticity..


aurora public schools on badges for 2016


Doug oct 2015 – taking another look at digital credentials landscape:



“The #1 Most Important Question to Answer in Your Digital Badge System Design” by @SenorG…
i don’t know…
businesses pitching to early grades..
endorsement partners seem to take hold of … what’s possible… ie: so your dreams (at least of endorsement… which is lauded.. because its reason aps buys into badges.. per post)… lie w/in what is already being done locally… ugh
same song second verse.. kinder (more Econ secure) sounding accent.. little bit worse (because of its subtlety).. by amazing/kind people (i know.. i resonate.. what i was doing 7 ish years ago.. pushing hard on the edge of the system.. from the inside)

City & Guilds digital credentials video via Doug

we need ways to present selves to world..

do we..?

what if credentials worked like the web..

thinking credentials are more about permission.. and web more about permission\less ness

evidence based..

evidence ness

instead of meaningless worlds.. turbo charged profiles pointing to real world skills/evidence

assure credibility


Noah Geisel (@SenorG) tweeted at 7:10 AM – 28 Feb 2017 :

“The trust that binds us” (and frees us) – Rob Abel of @LearningImpact introducing interoperable and equitable #openbadges certifications (

can any certification be equitable…?
Noah Geisel (@SenorG) tweeted at 7:13 AM – 28 Feb 2017 :

This morning’s #openbadges keynote @slgrant published big study on promising practices (incl @aurorak12 Badge program). Check it out! (

Noah Geisel (@SenorG) tweeted at 7:29 AM – 28 Feb 2017 :

One of my highlight takeaways from @slgrant’s report:
She always says
Digital Badge *CREDENTIALS*
(vs just Digital Badges) #openbadges (

exactly…and exactly why they compromise us… no borders.. no label (s)

Noah Geisel (@SenorG) tweeted at 8:06 AM – 28 Feb 2017 :

John Buzzard thinks it’s impt to educate teachers through earning #openbadges => training on how to issue => issuing credentials to students (

fuller too much… inspectors of inspectors.. and tools to inspect inspectors

Noah Geisel (@SenorG) tweeted at 8:13 AM – 28 Feb 2017 :

Panel talks #openbadges early adopters
Design decision: Chase big numbers thru compliance or meaningful numbers thru enthusiastic leaders? (

don’t chase numbers
don’t chase

Noah Geisel (@SenorG) tweeted at 8:21 AM – 28 Feb 2017 :

You cannot dev your own #openbadges in a vacuum! Impt to collab, even w/ competition in order to construct sustainable ecosystem – @pereaink (

is a vacuum…like www has to be all of us.. focusing on non judgmental trail.. not on credential ing

Noah Geisel (@SenorG) tweeted at 8:23 AM – 28 Feb 2017 :

Design decision w #openbadges:
Are they digital representations of existing structures (eg redundant) or credentialing something else? (

isn’t credential ing an existing structure…..?
so aren’t badges… digi reps of existing structures..?

Noah Geisel (@SenorG) tweeted at 8:26 AM – 28 Feb 2017 :

Audience question about #openbadges approval process. If others in audience have insights on this, please connect with me today! (

insight on approval process: don’t do it..
nothing to prove