yash & tj on m of care

jan 2021 – Museum of Care – Decision Making – 30 min video – yash, tj, hosted by rob –

An interview with members of Museum of Care about their experiences over the first three months of the project

via nika dubrovsky‘s tweet:

Nika Dubrovsky (@nikadubrovsky) tweeted at 2:38 PM on Wed, Jan 13, 2021:
Participants of Museum of Care about the last couple of months. 
https://t.co/zTOtndFMEm via @YouTube

notes/quotes from video:


tj: one critique .. we were a bit of a rush.. keep implementing new tasks.. i wouldn’t say problems were tech.. tech could have been used to make us more efficient.. ie: managing tasks.. unfortunately we were reacting fast..

r: so saying.. not going to re invent the wheel if going task by task

7 min – tj: yeah.. like sherlock holmes.. ‘won’t respond till i read all my notes’.. if trying to do something like alter the world.. it’s very detail oriented.. and if get one of them wrong might not achieve the goal..

begs we not stay in response mode.. ie: not look at all the assumed tasks/details even.. need to literally re set us.. because decision making ness is unmooring us

8 min – y: agree w tj.. reminds me of .. how we like solving immediate problems.. instant gratification.. if reactively take each task as it comes get that feeling of gratification.. that you’re doing something.. but it creates inefficiency

10 min – y: when people come together everyone has their own ideas.. and you want to put them into practice .. but they can all pull in diff directions.. t


this is why we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening ie: listening to 8b people at once.. everyday

11 min – r: as anthropologist.. does a lot of observing before making anal

quiet enough ness

happy part

12 min – y: anthropologists (w great practice of observing) realize many diff ways of doing things.. and wonder how to put them into practice.. it’s difficult to come across anthropologists talking about how to put their ideas into practice in a meaningful way.. there’s a lot of stuff talking about ie: corp anthro; ngos; et al.. but it just seems kind of empty if you read that lit.. so i think david’s was one of the few where you feel like this is a genuine application.. applied anthro.. in the true sense.. not the sub discipline called applied anthro .. that’s what i got to see at work in m of care.. good to be part of a group actually putting ideas into practice


graeber model law.. ie: cure ios city.. short bp.. et al

14 min – tj: problem w most of life is you don’t get to work on what you think is most important in the world.. i think maybe with our species burning itself.. making a utopia might be a good idea.. i should say.. multiple utopia’s zones of experimentation.. where people can finally do what they want ..t

imagine if we.. for (blank)’s sake

15 min – tj: yeah .. so i can get a job and make money.. or i can really do what i think is most important for the world and what people want.. people want an improved life.. to be liberated.. this is the best project i can think of in the world.. and if there was a better one.. i’d be working on that..

the thing(s) you can’t not do

16 min – tj: so this is so motivating.. not just doing what i’m supposed to do.. but we’ve got many projects.. like i’m working on my singing.. and many other things i’m trying to grow into.. so it’s improved me in many dimensions

r: i would add.. it’s doing things that are meaningful to you w other people who share that thing.. t


let’s org around that .. imagine if we..

ie: let’s listen to itch-in-8bn-souls.. as our initial/daily data then used to connect/org/facil us

lessons learned

17 min – y: so many things.. ie: artworld essays.. seeing art in a diff light.. beyond object and individual genius.. start taking your own self more seriously

art – being human ness

19 min – tj: quite a bit.. original core.. want to bring new people in .. let others drop out.. ie: maybe i should focus on projects now.. rather than my opinions.. amplify others

20 min – tj: in terms of what yash was just saying.. art – now i’m teaching a class on visual assembly.. ie: spray paint people’s ideas

visual assembly

21 min – tj: in m of care.. we really mean that anyone can be an artist

what changes – anything we need to give up.. take with us

22 min – no clue.. (what will happen in next 3).. something stuck w me.. taking action is how you ask the most complex questions and the universe will respond.. but in meaningful ways.. rather than being reactive.. so for me.. taking action on creating new rooms.. as we all start finding what we find interesting in particular and creating rooms around that..

imagine doing that process everyday.. for 8b people.. via 2 conversations

24 min – r: i like to have stepping stones.. zappatistas coming this year.. so take historical events and see how we might react/participate in them

25 min – tj: most important for me.. look at what we really want for m of care.. i don’t see it as revolutionary.. but it (m of c) as enabling us (a platform) to be revolutionary that we haven’t had before.. it let’s us amplify each other..

26 min – tj: providing platforms for ie: prisoners et al.. not getting bogged down in details..

27 min – r: david said anarchist w little a.. not so interested in forming new society but in creating the conditions for it to take place

hari rat park law

28 min – y: big thing for me.. even many of best of intentions for social change.. revolution.. if think in terms of individual.. like reading fiction.. the what becomes really clear.. but how not so clear.. leads to all sorts of paradoxical situations.. ie: bs jobs.. but doesn’t mean doing what you love is an easy process.. doesn’t mean it doesn’t take effort.. so realizing that.. re learning all those basic things.. like learning to walk

wanted stress et al

30 min – tj: want to re iterate what yash said.. know we have a problem but don’t really know how to solve it.. i found david’s work extremely helpful in the why (we got here).. and then.. what social dynamics one wants to alter to get to where we want to be.. t

ie: let go of  any form of measuring/accounting/telling people what to do




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