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A Visual Assembly is a democratic form of creative collaboration – used to re-imagine new ways to run and organize our social systems.

It is using artistic tools, but this is not only an art project. Mainly it is about a public debate on how to rearrange our social spaces (the Health Care system, Education and so on).

resonating to city sketchup ness

We hope that the tools, developed by Visual Assembly will be used by activists, artists, work collectives and just people – all of us, to rethink how we relate to each other, how we live, study and work.

Visual Assembly was born at the time of the Covid-19 in London as a result of a dialog between David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky. David died in Venice in September 2020, but we plan to continue the project and make it celebration of his life in October 2021. Please, join us!

via david graeber and nika dubrovsky .. i was intro’d to it via museum of care .. it is one of the groups – shared in m of care – oct 16:

This is David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky project (City of Care/Care Unite), which was supposed to happen in Graz on October 11, 2020. We are planning to hold it next year in a residences network, which will appear during the year October 11, 2021.


We are going to talk tonigth about V-A at our Museum of Care Assembly. Here is @davidgraeber comments to how to use it. 
Visual Assembly: What if Nurses Reimagined a Hospital? via @YouTube

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2 min video

2 min – one of major ways oppression is actually felt on a day to day basis is what you know but you’re never allowed to talk about.. now take all that stuff that you know and are never allowed to talk about and turn that into a power that can transform society

huge on legit voice ness.. and a means to undo our hierarchical listening


A visual assembly is like “the imagination STRIKES BACK! We’ve lost the ability to think in utopian terms and we’re trying to rebuild that . . . to collectively imagine what an alternative institution, city, health care system would be like.” –


2nd meeting of visual assembly: m of care – may 21


m of care – sept 22 – (7am) – memorial – 1 for david dying – 10 for occupy – originally set to be visual assembly



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