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intro’d to Vivienne here in convo w Pete:


7 min – (Pete’s intro) .. 1\ understand science 2\ understand what’s possible 3\ she really cares about what these techs/insights can be used for to make a better impact on world.. she’s completely motivated by.. if we can figure out.. understand.. the brain.. if we can *build a better brain..enhance the brain.. we can actually enhance our learning.. how we work.. the human potential of all individuals..

*how about go back to one before we scrambled it

10 min – entering college.. wanted to make biggest impact on world.. so flipped coin between cognitive and economic.. came up heads.. so brain.. machine learning..  face tech was my undergrad lab.. we were studying how people perceived faces/emotions.. it was just.. what machines are best at and what humans are best at

humans: curiosity  machines: listening w/o agenda and facilitating that chaos..

13 min – 2000 – begin of motor neuro prosthetics.. amazing what could be done

i started wondering.. where are the cognitive neuro prosthetics.. what could we do w something that’s even more deeply us.. beyond medical treatment.. alz/autism.. traumatic brain injury..

what if it was 20 plus or minus 2  (used to be 7 plus or minus 2).. what matters.. is that plus or minus 2 point.. numbers people can hold in their head

15 min -imagine if you’re 9 is strongly associated with living longer.. what if we could actively go in and kick that up for everyone.. we do this actively in other direction for 100s of millions of kids around the world.. ie: childhood isolation/stress.. we allow people to push this in opp direction..  in this one dimension of what it is to be kind of smart.. the most astounding person is probably in the low teens

? – biggest impact on life..?

dang. perhaps human potential for sick world we’re living in.. but not for human potential..

17 min – he could chunk and remember tons of numbers.. strategies et al.. what’s the raw horsepower we have available..

how about use tech for that.. holding ness…

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

19 min – in ed and work force development.. we’re trying to push those forces around..

maybe need to go outside those realms..

20 min – most things i’m excited about.. infrastructural..

cool.. but data.. matters huge.. what data will flow in that infra..? i suggest self-talk

21 min – coolest space.. how we expand this out..

22 min – how to get around.. ie: getting thru skull.. brain barrier..

how about by .. setting people free first.. so that they are really themselves.. and then just listen deeper..

23 min – last fave.. chronically implanted chips.. w steerable .. not directly/physically connecting..

io dance.. ness

again.. before we scrambled it

31 min – building a model of you

34 min – ability to see first episode 6-8 wks before.. when tracked.. in a disease where 20% of sufferers would go on to kill themselves.. what might you do if you knew before hand.. ie: solution .. lock self in room and loved ones not let out till after..

nice.. but .. what if we went to the root and cured ourselves from episodes all together..

37 min – way we get better.. look at neuro feedback .. neuro signatures.. of a successful team in co

? what if that’s not us..? you’re/we’re researching not us ness.. which is really sad if we’re trying to get at human potential..

40 min – one ie.. snipers.. could reach proficiency in days instead of months..


41 min – so now.. we’re looking at.. what if we did it in sync.. we have this amazing potential to bring together creative/cognitive/diverse teams.. bring them up to top performance and shorten that investment time..

let’s try setting people free to their gut/curiosity.. that’s the most exponentiating synchronicity of us

43 min – was miserable kid.. lived part of life homeless.. couldn’t figure out way to be happy/meaningful..

44 min – live a life that makes other people’s lives better.. not to make me happy et al..

45 min – when i flipped that coin.. it was which degree can i finish in a single year.. finished degree in yr.. went to cm.. turned out i was still miserable.. but found someone who loved me.. work taking off..

47min – opinions don’t matter.. what matters is.. is this person better

48 min – don’t do it to be happy.. just understand that’s one of the things that happens when you’re doing it right..

49 min – i think what’s important is to be rational..

51 min – so few people are part of creative process of changing this world.. how have we convinced ourselves.. that we can just ignore everyone else..

begs a mech to listen to & facil all voices.. everyday..

we leave so many people behind.. 

or we’re behind and not listening to wisdom..

i want to build explorers.. trouble makers.. we are not doing that right now..

then just set them free.. not about a building ness..

imagine a world where just 10-20% was working with us..

a change about how we think about building people.. we can change brains.. the way kids/people think

not building.. uncovering.. change brains.. rather.. a setting free..


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“It’s a philosophy that Vivienne Ming refined as a doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon University. Now the theoretical neuroscientist — involved in research, entrepreneurial technology and philanthropy — has been named one of Inc. Magazine’s 10 Women to Watch in Tech. ‘All of my endeavors are motivated by a desire to maximize human potential,’ said Ming. ‘It’s a big dream, better suited to science fiction than the lab or the board room. But CMU inspired me to try anyhow.'” – CMU, “Revolutionary Potential