vinay on rights of children

vinay gupta on rights of children

So Vinay Gupta dropped this huge manifesto about his vision of the world, why the elites are in a mexican standoff and how we can break it by creating a bill of rights for children. It’s long but worth it so I’ll try to break it down in twitter form.
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48 min read – but bulk is about what’s wrong

Here’s what I want to propose to you: I think we need a couple of structural, semantic changes to how we approach the business of running civilisation. Let’s call them reprioritizations, or insights. Little tweaks to give us some ways of stripping out the toxicity which is destroying our world and our culture, and gives us a shot as survival

little tweaks..?

We can either rebuild one disaster at a time, trying to unpick issue-by-issue, modifying existing legislation to be slightly less broken, like trying to glue a broken glass vase back together. It will take decades, time we do not have because of climate change. Or we can look at some radically different alternatives, and try to find political inspiration there.

How do we find a new framework to understand the present and change the future? I have an idea.. “We should stop exploiting each-other’s children and taking away their futures.”

You can look, situation by situation, rule by rule, law by law, and ask “am I harming these the children?” If the answer is yes, you don’t do that. The kids are profoundly collateral damage in the power struggles of the adults, and we’re using them like hostages all the time.

We need a different set of abstract principles for humans to make decisions: “is this profitable” and “is this legal” dominate the current landscape, and clearly that’s not enough because, well, look at the state of this place.

rather.. we need a diff infra (2 convers as infra) so that decision making is no longer our obsession/distraction ie: cure ios city

Let any attempt to interfere in the wellbeing of a child be treated as an act of war against the future of the species.

It’s a simple thing: ratify the rights of the child, as beings that have no responsibilities for their living conditions. 

Civilisation is the pact between adults to make a place to take better care of our children. There isn’t a person on earth that doesn’t want the world to be a better place for their kids. If we get that one thing right, we will with the rest of the fallout and still call our lives a success.

We can stop, take a deep breath, and figure out what the rights of the child are and then use that absolutely clear new human rights framework to straighten out the rest of this global mess

rights ness is a killer.. but yeah to new framework.. for everyone

let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city

listen & connect to undo our hierarchical listening ie: 2 convers as infra

perhaps we really can have tech w/o judgment ie: tech as it could be

What we need is a movement akin to feminism, but which fights for the rights of the child in and of themselves. I’m not the man to start such a movement (maybe ask Greta Thunberg) but I am very clear that this approach has never been tried, and I think we need a new perspective like this to cut through our tired, sordid old political debates in which limits are set only by a some very old models of human rights, from a time when children were seen and not heard, and often disciplined extremely harshly without a second’s thought.

In short, our global rights frameworks do not adequately protect the rights of the child, and I think a model based on the rights of children would be a thousand times clearer than the SDGs, easier to apply, easier to get engagement with, and cover about half of the same territory the SDG goals do: we need both, but nobody can apply the SDGs to common every-day problem solving.

We can get leverage on issues like race in America by using the human rights of children, free from moral responsibility for their fates, as a universal standard by which to measure our obligations.

we could say that about all of us.. we’ve all been like whales in sea world from the  supposed to’s of school/work

In short, making the rights of children fully explicit, and enshrining them in our legal systems may be the shortest path forwards to creating a world in which we, as adults, are also protected..t But the children first: none of this is their fault, and they should be protected as best we can.

rather.. making the essence of a human (child if you like) fully explicit (ie: maté basic needs) and enshrining them in our legal systems (ie: 2 convers as infra) may be shorter path forwards..  and this approach has never been tried

And a rights framework for children, something simple, reasonably universal, clear and easy to work with is certainly possible. We can do this.

ie: 2 convers as infra

We hold the following to be self-evident, that every man, woman, and child is born with certain inalienable rights…

You’ll have to fill in the rest yourselves. I look forwards to a lively debate.

What should the rights of the child be?

no rights.. or we’ll be back where we started.. we just need to undo our hierarchical listening and use the data we here to augment our interconnectedness


I’d like to suggest this: anybody who has children has a single primary goal which is that their children thrive.
That comes in two parts
1) living up to their potential
2) doing better than their peers
But under these, the secret goal
0) your children are fed and healthy
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great ie of maté parenting law: ‘there’s a confluence with the needs of the econ and the way we parent kids.. the more disconnected kids are .. the more they can fit into the econ’ – Gabor Maté

Large scale cooperation on the primary goal, of health and well-being for children is something we could very plausibly get unified action on because almost all children are exactly the same in their basic survival needs.
And make no mistake, they’re *all* in danger these days.
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maté basic needs: ‘fundamental reality: we basically all have the same needs..fundamental/human needs you share w every other human on earth: authenticity and attachment’

let’s org around (those) legit needs otherwise.. spinning our wheels for same song

ie: a nother way

need 1st/most: means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature

ie: tech as it could be





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