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[amsterdam, netherlands]

knowmads business school

Thomas, 22 years old, was a business student in Hamburg, Germany until he discovered a new passion: education. For 6 months now, he has been traveling through south america and the caribbean to visit innovative schools, (with Christoph), where he discovered different ways and perspectives on education.



schools of trust trailer


part 1/3 of film:

Peter at 9 min

10 min – why are children playing.. because they are instinctively driven to play

the way i define play is that it has to be controlled by the people who are playing

11 min – all of higher order thinking involves imaginations

12 min – how can we motivate people to do something.. Spitzer: well not at all actually.. motivation is like being hungry.. people also get hungry by themselves.. we haven’t got wings or gills but we’ve got curiosity

a nother way .. based on curiosity.. based on two convos

14 min – i can so whatever i want.. i put everything in my head that will go in or that wants to go in

you’re so happy.. you can do whatever you want to do.. and that just make you  happy

gershenfeld sel – lucas happy

16 min – Hannan: when it’s interesting for its own sake.. what would be the point of grades/tests… i think we do this in schools because we don’t trust young humans to be active learners


Yaacov Hecht – starting at 6 min

7 min – our idea was that in our school.. what happened inside school would be very similar to what happened outside school.. and outside school we live in a democratic society.. so we decide let’s make school based on democratic society

Justo Mendez Aramburu – starting at 13 min

14 min – school based on love

part 3/3

10 min – Huther: difficult in our society to talk about freedom.. most can only conceive of freedom as freedom from something.. that’s a passive freedom that doesn’t have much to do with real freedom..

free\dom.. we have no idea.. because we have not yet let go enough.. to see

21 min – listen to the children.. take them seriously

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data .. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]


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