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first intro’d to them in 2010? via Noam.. see below.

which intro’d us to Kosta, palomar 5..

and now… swimming in the knowmad society..

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2010 – Pieter – [futbol – hey Cristian]


nomad ness – june 2013–will-travel


saturday, august 28, 2010

the learning lab, palomar5, & knowmads

wow @noamkos
this is excellent from the learning lab (click the movie) – – Dr. Thieu Besselink, founder and this from palomar 5
4 min trailer for 60 min movie:

Palomar5 “The Movie” – Trailer from Palomar5 on Vimeo.part 1 of 60 min movie:

Palomar5 – The Movie – Part 1 from Palomar5 on Vimeo.
great ideas:

  • the graveyard – letting go of ideas that take away focus – even if they’re good,
  • palometer – mtg at 6pm each night to report progress to group

part 2:

Palomar5 – The Movie – Part 2 from Palomar5 on Vimeo.

from 2nd movie:
only 25.6% of the world has internet access, only 4.6%  (over 256 kilobits per sec) of the world has broadband access  – spacecamp – build a network that everyone has minimal speed
holy cow – at 5:45 for idea  and 16:27 for Kosta presenting
Kosta Grammatis – oh yay

and check out these students from knowmads – Kwela Hermanns -co-founder

and yes there’s more.


sunday, october 23, 2011


revisiting knowmads.. thanks to pieter spinder

thursday, april 19, 2012

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Knowmads, Rhizomes, and Minecraft: Exploring Tacit…

Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Knowmads, Rhizomes, and Minecraft: Exploring Tacit…: This is the Prezi I designed for the PELeCon 12 Conference at the University of Plymouth in England. Knowmads, Rhizomes, and Minecraft:…

tuesday, june 26, 2012


love knowmads gathering as a visual for a collaboratory space

Knowmads (@KnowmadsNL)
6/26/12 6:15 AM
Great working together at #missionU #berlin #Yip #knowmadsnl 2015 – posted on fb by John

The term “Knowmads” was coined by John Moravec and referred to people who do not need a permanent place to learn and to work. True nomads learn anywhere and build on what they have learned, wherever they go. Maybe we are technically nomads, but we are also a bit “mad”, so crazy. We give our students a key and say: “This is your building, creating your own learning environment.”That is not at the university with tens of thousands of students, of course.


links to 1 min video of thurman alive law

Knowmads (@KnowmadsNL) tweeted at 4:18 AM – 18 Jul 2018 :
Do you know what kind of life you’d be living if you were connected to your purpose, your talents, and your passions? The world needs these connected individuals. They are unstoppable, agents of change.
We’re… (

imagine the energy from 7b alive people
as it could be

via 2 convos as infra



Knowmads (@KnowmadsNL) tweeted at 6:44 AM – 14 Sep 2018 :
Knowmads founder Pieter Spinder on (

what do you need to unlearn in order to learn to be yourself

cure ios city .. as detox

The school’s founder Pieter Spinder explains: “We have created a safe place where people can be themselves and, as a result feel freer. For us, this is an essential departure point. As a matter of fact, we don’t want to change the people when they arrive at Knowmads. We just see them for who they are. This is why we have designed an environment like the one children are in when they learn to walk. Usually they are surrounded by things that encourage them to do so. They get plenty of support and a suitable place is put together for them so that they can learn to move onward to the following stages of their lives. That’s why we say “Welcome Home” to them.

spaces of permission w nothing to prove

model a nother way model – like learning to walk (slidedeck at bottom of page)

This is also one of the foundations of the Peoplerise approach: “If we’re talking about numbers then we can’t be talking about people”.

of math and men.. measuring things