Kilian Kleinschmidt‘s work.. toward a mechanism to help make us one – nationality: human..

radical change made reality

Switxboard is the leading place to identify resources globally, matching them with the needs of disadvantaged regions.
Our mission: democratizing the access to global knowhow by combining the best of global and local resources and networks into a unified co-creation ecosystem of innovation with disadvantaged communities.

ie of change:

DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES – Establishment of DIY labs (FabLabs) 3D printed prosthetics

CITY DEVELOPMENT – Knowhow transfer of social housing approaches helps to address imminent challenges of rapid population growth through climate or conflict induced migration. – Municipal knowhow transfer


a mechanism simple enough

imagine if chip ness.. et al

perhaps blockchain ness… rna ness..  so stigmergy is possible..

a nother way

for (blank)’s sake