post corona movement


bascially.. (process:

1\ post dream..

2\ questionaire sent out.. so you can find more people for your project.. or find a project

3\ people who have found their people start projects.. some support: tools, experts..

4\ share completed project

popular now: coops and commons as local resilience


intro’d via michel fb share

I’ve been told that this ‘post-corona’ movement in the Flanders, which brings togethers the dreams and wishes for the post-corona moment, is doing very well,

do you know more, dear Lucie Evers, Koen Wynants, Pascal Debruyne ?

Lucie Evers So, this platform is a template that was used earlier to bring together ideas, people and other resources. It’s a co-creative platform that first invites you to post your dream. Then there’s a voting system. If you have lots of votes, you get in the next stage, with the support of the platform’ to go from idea to project. The next step is to find sufficient support and resources for the project. But the platform does not provide funding tools as far as I know. It is the same template that was used for Youth for Climate community…


imagine if we just focused on daily curiosity  .. (rather than a full blown/recorded/worded, et al, dream.. simple enough that 8b people could/would participate.. everyday..)

via a mech that could (as it could be)

1\ listen to 8b daily curiosities.. no judgment.. different everyday (or not)

2\ use *that data to connect us locally.. everyday

3\ in a **undisturbed ecosystem were common\ing is legit (aka: unconditional)

ie: 2 convers as infra

[has to be all the (*detox/ed/ing) voices.. everyday.. for the **dance to dance]

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way


to (virus) leap et al