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what is murmuration via wonderopolis


dabbled a bit here: swarms – and ant network and 15% and murmuration and free to fly and (stigmergy ness) – self-organizing

then got a bit deeper while reading Kevin Carson‘s regulated state:


narrated by Don Tapscott – macrowikinomics:

the epitome of self-organization


Esko Kilpi – on murmuration et al

When we talk about relations, we often take false examples from nature: for example murmuration and bird flocks. We are well aware that the V shape of a bird flock does not result from one bird being selected as the leader, and the other birds lining up behind the leader. Instead, each bird’s behaviour is based on its position relative to nearby birds. And yes, the bird flock demonstrates a striking feature of emergent phenomena. But the birds do not need to figure out the rules of flight that guide how they organize themselves.These rules of self-organization are genetically hardwired. Nature provides this for the birds. Birds then are not “free like birds”.

When it comes to people it is a very different story. Mother nature does not provide deterministic rules for cooperation. We are free to choose, or not to choose, our own ways of doing things together. Accordingly we are ourselves responsible for formulating the principles we use to organize our life.

Social systems are thus fundamentally different from natural mechanisms. Sciences of social complexity are not the same as sciences of complexity.

interesting on birds hard wired.. humans not.
don’t know if i agree.. Mother nature does not provide deterministic rules for cooperation.
I think perhaps we are hard wired in but in a diff way… which.. perhaps works best.. when we all do whatever we want – (that’s what i’ve seen/learned/heard in the quiet anyway)
perhaps our emerging/changing/antifragile desires… can be likened to hard wire in bird to fly in v. perhaps our hard wire is very art ist ish.. map within.. emerges as we listen to it..
murmuration et al
swarm intelligence