matthew schutte

matthew schutte

intro’d to Matthew (pronounced shootie) here (holochain hackathon he’s hosting in sf):

fb live – why is blockchain diff than holochain



holochain: distributed storage system

for hosting-life-bits..? that io dance..?

in our mind.. bitcoin/ethereum.. make use of distributed computing networks.. but not distributed computing system.. a centralized system that makes use of distributed network.. subscribing to master ness for what happened in past.. specific subjective perspective of history.. et al.. ie: bitcoin has mining.. ledger as list of history.. ie: bitcoin really interested on who’s holding on to these coins..

we’re trying to solve a diff problem.. we do have some currency stuff.. but desire to enable communities to steer selves better.. to be able to form/change/disband… in fluid ways..

hosting-life-bits.. via self-talk as data.. that io dance..

blockchain.. have to be aware of everything.. in order to trust

not getting rid of trust.. switching it..

try to get to what is true.. but generating truth is really costly… nature demos that cheap enough kicks crap out of true.. ie: if you and i in a room and you are paying attention to everything going on.. you can witness the truth..  and i pay attention to one thing.. i got to eat and you did not.. one of us likely to survive..

rather than good enough.. what i mean is.. that a subset of info that is the appropriate info is more useful than all of info

spot on to self-talk as data

14 min – what we’re trying to do is enable an individual and community they’re wanting to interact with to be able to coord activities by what they care about.. don’t have to pay attention to everyone.. only have to pay attention to my activity..

talking with twain liu (

story about people grokking what matters

a nother way.. mech leaves trail.. but we don’t follow trail.. we listen to gut and live by whimsy/connections..

blockchains are one size fits all

enables us to not hold onto everything.. but most importantly allows us to evolve.. to search for better solutions..

23 min – realized need to break ceptr into smaller parts.. learning how to play this way .. bigger user base.. before build whole system… then developed holochain.. we’ve got 3 pieces… carved off larger project.. we’re trying to ship this year…

3 parts: storage.. protocol.. processing


aha moments from hackathon










matthew: *twain – aristotle ignoring plato that all reasoning has to have emotional base.. focus on logic divorced from emotion/body/present.. so 2000 yrs of western rationalistic thought.. that stems from thought out of context.. logic divorced from context.. leading us to have major problems.. why google’s deep learning isn’t solve problems hoping to solve.. because built on basis of partial set of tools that don’t have an emotional base..

*twain liu (

holodeck – housing for people interested in building distributed systems that can support a more thriving world..

highest moment for both arthur and eric: “Holochain is like a distributed system, except… distributed” –


2016 – metacurrency philosophy chat




45 min – building all this computer stuff on a mis understanding of time..

rev of everyday life ..time ing ness

48 min – together we’re a diff thing..

49 min – coherence layers.. w org’d flows.. seems separate from world around it.. yet at same time.. communicating/connected to world.. an orderliness to that layer.. both a separate and a connectedness..

ni ness..

51 min – in order to create community.. we need communication.. as soon as you get communication you get community..

2 convos ness – let’s base all on this… no? this is what gets you to your.. more appropriate info rather than all the info..

as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

53 min – not just time/space but nature of the interaction.. what perspective..


at davos – Is Holochain Better than Blockchain? | Interview (4 min) with Matthew Schutte


we are an alt to blockchain.. we built a diff infra for running truly p2p.. no mining.. no cryptocurrency.. no business model.. so anyone can use it

a solution that doesn’t make use of consensus.. to enable communities to enable ways it works for them.. and when it stops working for any of them.. they can start playing by diff pattern.. doesn’t center around a protocol but an agent

lot of things people in blockchain in world are excited about.. but blockchain’s limitations in terms of scale, speed, cost.. prevent distributed tech to solve problems

(w holochain) don’t need an api.. natural ecosystem w bridging functions.. transforming one thing into another ..and that ‘s actually requirement for all regenerative systems..


Holochain – The commons engine for cooperation at scale | P2P Foundation

Original Tweet:

The vision with the commons engine is to power a series of thriving commons based economies – picture things like peer-to-peer renewable electricity cooperatives, or ride sharing communities – by creating the technical infrastructure that enables contributions by participants to be recognized elsewhere within, and perhaps beyond, that community.

That ends up enabling flows of activity regardless of whether the community possesses traditional “money.”

disengaging form ‘traditional’ money.. makes no difference.. if  you’re still measuring.. you’re still compromising.. the ecosystem.. the commoning

We think of currencies as just some way of recognising some specific form of contribution.


we just count all of the additions and subtractions from your account. Your balance is going to be the sum of all those inflows and outflows

However, if you see someone change their key 3 seconds before they ask you to wire them £10million – you’re probably not going to send it, you’re going to back up a moment and do some extra things to check and make sure everything is kosher.

why keys..? why money..?

more security if launching nuclear weapons..

You’d need to be able to track if people had paid membership dues… and hours used and available on the machines…

That’s actually how we spent the bulk of the last 10 years – we spent 7 years working on creating automatically interoperable systems – mapping out how to build and building this kind of “hyper-interoperable future”

i’m into the interoperability.. but money.. and security.. et al.. is a distraction

Our hope is that this results in ways of coordinating with one another that are not only more effective, but more human as well; That this enables us to coordinate at even very large scales, but in ecosystemic ways rather than hierarchical ways. That should give these new communities big learning advantages over traditional forms of organization, and with luck, might actually start to shift humanity away from some of the erosive patterns that have been creating downward spirals for so long, and instead start making use of much more regenerative patterns.

But we’re running short on time..t.. The old economic models have been so destructive. We’re putting in the work to try to shift to a more thriving paradigm.

to hasten..let go of ie: money/measure/keys.. just focus on coord ie: curiosity


collab at scale convo – april 2019 – 2 hour


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