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sept 2014:

What is happening with the metacurrency project?

3 parts: emerging leader labs, agile learning centers, metacurrency project

now 4 agile learning centers

alc mosaic as one

Arthur Brock et al

1:02 – how to solve all the problems at once. hard to communicate that. so we were in the shadows figuring out how to communicate that.

1:07 – how do you explain stuff. we figured out we’re better at building it than documenting it for someone else to code.

1:09 – ceptr – like having an underlying language capacity – that then gets assembled into ie: english.. fundamental capacity out of which all protocols are built – a grammar for creating grammars… our basic memory unit is a semantic tree

creating programs that operate on meaning..

1:14 – we’re basically doing a fundamental change in the computing stack.. so ie: we couldn’t build this on top of bitcoin, but bitcoin could be built on top of this… it’s got the  multi instant

1:22 – not just about changing money – we’re seeing things we don’t think are possible.. we’ll be able to self-organize in ways we ought to be able to – instead of having power struggles..

when we see this it’s like – whoa – we have to do this.. but then how to explain this.. a difficult story to tell

so – perhaps – model another way .. no?

1:51 – focus more on ceptr

1:54 – how to define a new structure into reality that then you can use as a symbol

how to search through trees instead of texts and get semantic responses

1:57 – ceptr needs to live in the public domain. streamscapes – could be a revenue


The Ceptr Apocalypse

the gap between theory and practice in this case is immense. … but what if we can now… What if there was an elegant way to transcend all of those barriers and limitations simultaneously?

It boils down to this: Everything should just work together easily (without being centrally controlled).

Ceptr makes this possible, like never before.

..how to build universal protocol stacks

every cell carries a copy of the agreements for working together (DNA)

map in each of us.. 99 and 1 ness

p. 6 – If “open” means fundamentally unenclosable, then it is also clear that Ceptr must be decentralized.

We expanded the idea of regular expressions and built Semtrex (SEMantic Tree Regular EXpressions) which provide lexical and syntactic parsing at all layers of a protocol stack.

We have only begun to fathom the magnitude of possibilities for collective sense-making that adding semantics has enabled, and it was a fairly small technical cost for us to include. The trick was in discovering this connection wanting to happen, even though it wasn’t a problem we had originally intended to solve.

p. 9 – Instead of only seeing the objects that exist, we started seeing the receptivity that gave them the space in which to come into existence

Receptors are the “atoms” of the Ceptr computing architecture, and obviously the basis for the name of the platform. A receptor is a lightweight virtual machine, which can run processes, manage its state, and most importantly RECEIVE signals. They embody a fundamental unity, and hold coherence for the state of their data, and how they interface with other receptors (including other distributed instances of themselves)…. every receptor in a receptor

receptive capacity as the foundation upon which everything in Ceptr is built – the ability to specify carriers and protocols makes it possible for a receptor to receive a signal, discover that it doesn’t know how to interpret the signal, and then install the protocols required to process it and respond to it appropriately.  This adds a level of resilience to computer communications that seems sorely missing today.

p. 11 – a bullet under self-describing protocol stack: SemTrex as the generalized pattern matching system for parsing




stacking and Benjamin Bratton ness

data ness


nov 2016


The post-election circus makes I shared long before feel more pressing:

thinking… (@kevincarson1 – I’m a lot less interested in organizational templates — designed right down to the bike sheds — that require…).. that require a white paper et al..


Bitcoin blockchain is not just 100% visible, but every full node needs to have the full chain and validate every transaction, and a holochain could operate at this level of verification constraint. However, for most cases randomized validation by sharding the network with hashing algorithms are adequate and reduce the costs of node maintenance by many orders of magnitude. Not to mention eliminating the need for either Proof of Work or Proof of stake

do we need validation if we have gershenfeld sel going on..?


jan 2017


Holochains – Ceptr ; a truly distributed alternative to the blockchain is under construction

ABSTRACT: We describe a holographic data storage architecture which combines the data integrity assurance of Hash-Chains with the efficiency of Distributed Hash Tables while eliminating consensus bottlenecks typical of Blockchain and typical approaches to distributed computing.


Michel fb share


Together we have the potential to transform billions of lives by creating the conditions for new forms of self-governance, vibrant communities, and a more equitable society

indeed.. begs we do it sans measuring/validating transactions

Designed using the organizational patterns found in nature, we’re opening new possibilities for more more equitable and regenerative forms of governance and wealth creation.

open up more.. disengage from B and $ et al


perhaps let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

ie: ubi as temp placebo..