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justice is what love looks like


There is no revolution without love.

#BrotherMike taught me that.

Brother Mike


Electric Picnic sept 2014

highschool training ground

it is never too late .. for your time


dec 2013 never too late

my grandfather ran out of time before he was ever too late

never too late to love


wake up

purchase a new beginning..


aug 2014

Malcolm London Visits Noble Impact Students

words mean things

who are you, who were you, and who do you need to be…

like you have a history that you’re not allowed to know.. why you talk like that


may 2013 ted talks ed:

my highschool is chicago

capitalism raises you but you have to step on someone else to get there

the need for degrees has left so many people frozen

reading does not matter when you feel your story is already written


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open mic tribute #BrotherMike

dec 10 at youmediachicago

5:45 – Malcolm London – so many people grew up in this place. we were part of a group of kids who started this.

7 min – i thought about a million things to stay till i got up here and my heart is in my stomach. we were just kids. people that have come out of this space have done amazing things.. we was just kids.. we needed a space to write poems and talk sh&t.. and that saved our lives. we literally grew up here..

10 min -he definitely taught me that revolution starts with love. that was the first man that taught me how to cry.. and here i am crying.. and i don’t care.

11 min – we have to pass that torch. we had millions of kids in here all a time.. and we were kids.. no one was special… we were kids..


nov 2015

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@CornelWest police abduct poet and @BYP_100 Malcolm London.charged him with felony.Did nothing  #FreeMalcolmLondon
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Kevin Coval @kevincoval

spoke w/@MalcolmLondon‘s mom this am She’s not worried she said cuz her son was born to do this work & G-d is on his side #FreeMalcolmLondon


400 days to 4 hrs – written on pic

CHARGES DROPPED!!!!!!!!!!! #FreeMalcolmLondon
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from 2012 – reading fred hampton


dec 2015

on the need for re imagination at the root

we have a larger problem than just one superintendent

not just changing the face of an already failing system

systemic change..

i’ve been organizing in this city for the last 6 yrs


there’s only one kind of activist…. that’s one that wants to see the world change… we need as many solutions as possible

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way



on the Green Line today I spoke to Cortez Hall and his two precious daughters Mckenzie &…

malcolmlondon on the Green Line today I spoke to Curtez Hall and his two precious daughters Mckenzie & Madison. I asked if I could photograph them as we left the train because seeing him play with his children on the Green Line made me smile. I wanted to share this image with people because there are so many images that don’t bring this sentiment. There is a lot of tragedy. We must fight & imagine a world where Curtez can walk his daughters home safely, where other families like theirs don’t have to worry about genocide, don’t have to worry at all. I don’t always have tangible ideas of what the world should look like after we dismantle these systems, but this is pretty damn close.

don’t know if this next tweet is referencing the above.. they were sent 30 min apart

I think this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.


we say “everything happens for a reason” to explain personal obstacles or to cope with not knowing. but it cripples our collective imagination

yes there are things we don’t know and having faith in something better isn’t wrong until it prevents us from examining the world.

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okay because when Malcolm London said “I don’t hate you, I just haven’t figured out how to love yet” I really felt that

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