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dale stephens b w

Find him everywhere. Here on wikipedia. Find Uncollege et al from graphics below:

dale j stephens

Or go straight to the Uncollege site:

uncollege site 2

He’s got an amazing course going on creative live – feb 1,2 ,3.

You can enroll for the free livestream here.

And his long-awaited book comes out March 5.

hack your ed

book links to amazon – you can pre-order

NBC interview day before book comes out.

on NPR

22.5% college grads unemployed, another 20% didn’t need degree for job they have

average grad debt – $27000

unschooling – self-directed form of homeschooling

for anyone in college today – just going to college is not going to be enough

one book review – huge

“I am not arguing against school, I am writing in favor of choices,” Stephens writes.


Dale is an incredible inspiration.

As is his mom.


a note (& quote) at the close of his 2 years from Thiel:

no greater loss


interesting indeed. .. with Sugata Mitra..