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intro’d to her via Bernd – as she is launching a kickstarter for a future of money tv series.. [it’s related to the same people – but i can’t tell yet how closely related it is to future of money via Venessa]:

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The experience of a transaction: at TEDxZwolle

Published on Mar 29, 2013

Heather Schlegel is a futurist, technologist, and cacophonist. Schlegel started in Silicon Valley in 1996, helping to build and launch over 50 Internet products at over 30 startups.

Her academic research focuses on the future of transactions and complementary currencies, including the impact of technology on identity creation and positive wildcards. She is best known by her online presence, heathervescent, and her longstanding consultancy, The Purple Tornado, both of which she uses as launch pads to explore and exploit the intersection of technology, culture and identity. http://www.tedxzwolle.nl


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from her bio there:

I am best known for my research on the Future of Transactions, which I presented at SxSW, Sibos, TedxZwolle, The Future of Money, Tomorrow’s Transactions and other conferences around the world.

I am the producer and creator of 4 short films, including “Fly Me to the Moon;” nominated for Most Important Futures Award by the Association of Professional Futurists, 2012; “Flowers for Grandma;” “Innotribe Startup Challenge Documentary” and “Slices of Life.” 

Recent Credits include:

  • The Human Problem, 1st Place, Association of Professional Futurists, 2013

  • “The Next Money” in the Atlantic, 2012

  • “Virtual Currencies” interview in Stealth Publication, 2011

  • “The Future of Money” in Infomilio, Sibos, 2011


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rofessional Social Scientist helping people understand and take advantage of change AKA Futurist. Creator of Future of Money TV Series – @futureofmoneytv


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