jessica o matthews

jessica o matthews



intro’d to Jessica.. w much of rest of world.. via her energy soccer ball (off grid power for developing world.. 3 yrs later founded uncharted play).. re intro to her here:


Endless energy is all around us — and this woman has a brilliant idea for how to harness it

Endless power is all around us. We just have to start capturing it.

zinn quote on people energy

talk at refinery

end product of generators is carbon – dangerous..

the most interesting ideas are going to come from places people least expect

our mission is to democratize energy access worldwide..

thinking about play as a catalyst .. to open up opportunity…

everything… out of bounds…. go beyond..

micro generator inside ball – so harnessing energy inside ball… to be used as source of power

if your life is too comfortable.. you have no reason to innovate..

it’s so crazy how well i google.. and so that’s how it went down with this…

science: the study of life.. so if you’re living…

50 000 balls to 10 diff countries.. refugee camps in jordan and syria… girls there at age 12.. not allowed to play outside.. because too tempting to boys…  that’s why we created the pulse jump rope – generator inside each handle

refugee camps

minutes of jumping can give you hours of light

can you show me how to do that.. think of the empowerment of that…

filed 12th patent last week


go beyond play.. create energy.. just from living their lives…

do things in a more micro way.. rather than huge plants… in aggregate getting just as much power.. 

rev of everyday life ness

more scalable.. engaging.. amplifying human behavior

more – motion based off-grid renewable energy

imagine a world.. where the more you live.. the more energy you have.. a world in which we are more human..

imagining even deeper.. ie: where talk\ing becomes energy/connection..   a nother way


why not yet..

how do we pull the tangible and intangible together…

shift from hoard and safe.. not just generating power… but using power

pushing stroller charging phone…

humanistic tech

the vision – future power is not just going to be self generated… but also .. wireless…

building lab in harlem… just because we don’t look like the pattern in silicon valley.. doesn’t mean we can’t create the world..

the harlem tech fund..


at aspen institute mar 2016 – Founder & CEO, Uncharted Play

we’re equipped to create our world… but not often told that

manufacturing consent ness

so – in harvard class.. inventing soccer ball.. soccket

imagine… everyone with the resources… of that class – ie: something else to do… ness

nearly 2 billion people w/o electricity so either diesel generator or kerosene lamp… as bad as smoking 2 packs a day… and this is today

soccer popular.. play universal.. something people want to do and already do..

defn of science.. study of life.. if living.. half way there…

how could someone who doesn’t play soccer.. isn’t an engineer.. create this..

i kept thinking wow.. this is fun.. what do i have to lose…

when you’re doing something creative.. there’s no real way to be taught how to do it

environmental need (girls in refugee camp had to stay inside) drives tech… go smaller

where do we go from here… how to build sustainable systems.. companies that have impact… by thinking about how we can make… that small enough.. energy from motion.. amplifying existing behavior… create an entire world.. where people get power they need.. just from being alive…

9 yrs of focus.. ish… 19 to 28.. … to democratize power.. creation/consumption… instead of seeing where i come from as an advantage..

my challenge:  rethink that environment… i want to build the first billion dollar tech company in harlem..

how can we build an ecosystem where we’re all creating the world we want…


the key thing is supply chain..

so imagine 7 bill free people – as supply chain


let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

we found best way to get buy in was through the moms


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At Uncharted Play, our mission is to power a world in motion, with motion.

Uncharted Play is consumerizing and individualizing power access by embedding our proprietary technology for motion-based, off-grid renewable energy (M.O.R.E.) into everything that moves.

With “M.O.R.E. inside”, anything can become a self-sustaining energy harvesting system – powering itself or providing power for other products.

soccket –


2015.. 3 min