jerry on data and tech

via interview with jerry michalski and micah sifry

Imagining how we can use data and tech to build collective intelligence; a conversation with @jerrymichalski

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jerry: One hundred years from now, we’re going to be in a pretty different sort of governance regime. We’ll either have managed to destroy ourselves, which is the default course that we’re on right now, or we’ll figure out some interesting distributed method where different groups connect to what I call nations of choice.

imagine if we didn’t have to wait 100 yrs

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness..

jerry: as we automate away work and move toward even conservatives talking about basic income guarantees, we can start to see that we’re going to need some new ways of organizing and sharing value.

need: means to undo our hierarchical listening so we can org around legit needs

jerry: So, for me, this betterverse idea is the place where we can conduct some of these conversations, share research, share big questions, collect up into smaller communities of high trust and move these ideas forward, which then might attract other people to say, “Oh, wow, those Game B people. They’ve done a lot of good work on these topics over here. They speak for me. (Or Project Drawdown, or Doughnut Economics, or…)

what if we listened deeper.. so that we didn’t have to pick/rep between limited already voiced options.. et al.. what if we could hear the itch-in-8b-souls.. everyday.. what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people.. not just a means for us to gather around supposed best (already voiced/published/whatever) ideas

jerry: I think the state of the art these days for sharing good ideas is linky prose. In old-school essays, thoughts are carefully organized into an argument. But then you can carefully enhance that essay with pointers to evidence, or sometimes contrarian arguments or to people who are already working on these projects–that’s linky text within an essay, and I don’t think it gets much better than that. 

well.. it could.. ie: idiosyncratic jargon ness and io dance ness and self-talk as data ness.. sounds like your linky prose.. but it would be from detoxed/alive/all people.. which we’ve not yet tried/seen/been

jerry: But a lot of important things fall off Google search that are really important to remember. And one of my beefs is that *we don’t have people’s curated memory over time to dive into and delve into and learn from and share and then connect together. Right? And the act of connecting these things together into a point of view of some sort is really, really important. And I don’t mean that it’s the right point of view. You know, it might be contrasted with the opposing point of view from a different group. But man, **if they do a good job of expressing their point of view and pointing to evidence, then we can have a different level of discussion

*need: tech as it could be for hosting life bits

**need no pre req (express, validate) – otherwise.. just same song.. if we want legit diff communications.. need to let go enough to see/trust the itch-in-8b-souls everyday..

jerry: I know that this has a lot to do with APIs, protocols and convincing all sorts of software developers and startups to write toward the commons. Then there’s a second layer of convincing, which is convincing individuals like you and me and others to write in public and to think in public and to share our notes. ..They’re using this cool new note taking and linking technique to create private little databases. I want to talk them into sharing those databases out. And then learning who else is better than they are at a particular domain and how do we federate or syndicate what we know? 

for that.. needs to be toward something 8b souls are already craving.. ie: needs to scratch the itch of our missing pieces.. needs to legit listen to us.. unconditionally.. (pearson unconditional law et al)

jerry: suddenly we have a platform that doesn’t rely on elections every two or four years, but instead is an ongoing conversation about how we fix problems in the world. That’s a world I’d like to help build.

am thinking we don’t have any idea what legit free people are like.. because we’ve never let go enough and trusted ourselves enough to see.. but am imagining that if all of us were legit free (has to be all of us for the dance to dance) our days/lives wouldn’t be about problem solving.. but rather about dancing

If this Betterverse of discussing actual issues that matter works, it *trickles back up into journalism, science, education, governance, and elections, because then people in each of these fields are motivated to figure out how to show their work, how to solve things together. So **there’s an opportunity here to actually dramatically change how media works and how each of these institutions function.

*again.. if all of us were legit free.. i think things like journalism, science, ed, governance, elections, problem solving.. would be irrelevant s..

**the opp – if we legit changed the media/tech/org.. is that we’d let go of the institutions that keep sucking life out of our energies/days