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Equity Unbound is an emergent, collaborative curriculum which aims to create equity-focused, open, connected, intercultural learning experiences across classes, countries and contexts.  Equity Unbound was initiated by Maha Bali @bali_maha (American University in Cairo, Egypt), Catherine Cronin @catherinecronin(National University of Ireland, Galway), and Mia Zamora @MiaZamoraPhD (Kean University, NJ, USA) for use in their courses this term (September-December 2018), but it is open to all.

Equity Unbound is for learners and/or educators at all levels (e.g. undergraduate, postgraduate, professional development) who are interested in exploring digital literacies with an equity and intercultural learning focus, in an open and connected learning environment. Our motto is:

“The only way to make borders meaningless is to keep insisting on crossing them.” (Lina Mounzer)

Participants will collaborate in a series of open online activities including: collaborative annotation using open-source Hypothes.is, social network conversations and live studio visits, a Wikipedia edit-a-thon, blogging, collaborative multimedia making, and creating their own new learning activities (inspired by the DS106assignment bank). Activities will seek to develop critical digital literacies and intercultural collaboration while encouraging questions of equity issues such as equity in web representation, digital colonialism, safety and security risks on the web, and how these differ across contexts.

maha.. ds106.. hypothes.is.. wikipedia..  et al


adding this day:

Dr. Catherine Cronin (@catherinecronin) tweeted at 4:19 AM – 7 Sep 2018 :
what a joy to co-create Equity Unbound #unboundeq with @Bali_Maha @MiaZamoraPhD & a growing number of open educators & students. together we’ll explore equity issues via open, connected & intercultural learning. please join us. #go_gn #openedIE #gs506 https://t.co/pjqzMkqBR7 (http://twitter.com/catherinecronin/status/1038008791764279296?s=17)



ℳąhą Bąℓi, PhD مها بالي  (@Bali_Maha) tweeted at 5:48 AM – 8 Sep 2018 :
While it looks like #unboundeq syllabus was developed by @MiaZamoraPhD @catherinecronin and me, in reality, readings/activities were shared by others. I’ll list a few to thank them… But there are probably many more (http://twitter.com/Bali_Maha/status/1038393579062874114?s=17)

ℳąhą Bąℓi, PhD مها بالي  (@Bali_Maha) tweeted at 5:48 AM – 8 Sep 2018 :
Thanks @14prinsp for initially sharing @warghetti article that we plan on annotating via @hypothes_is which inspired our tag line “the only way to make borders meaningless is to keep insisting on crossing them”
Sneak peak at theme 2 of #unboundeq here
https://t.co/TjfmAMdbYQ (http://twitter.com/Bali_Maha/status/1038393581738881024?s=17)

ℳąhą Bąℓi, PhD مها بالي  (@Bali_Maha) tweeted at 5:54 AM – 8 Sep 2018 :
Thanks #digiwrimo and #clmooc for inspiring many of our intro activities. Pick and choose among them. The Twitter Scavenger Hunt is something I’ve done often and evolved but original name and concept by @KimFoxWOSU – first theme of #unboundeq starts Sept 9
https://t.co/hqGtbSM6i5 (http://twitter.com/Bali_Maha/status/1038395074386829312?s=17)

ℳąhą Bąℓi, PhD مها بالي  (@Bali_Maha) tweeted at 5:58 AM – 8 Sep 2018 :
Happy to be using work of @hypervisible @edifiedlistener @pgorski
in theme 3 and videos inspired by @bonni208 podcast a few years ago…and stuff from @mozilla
Theme 3 #unboundeq on equity overview here https://t.co/vu6FjLHQSz (http://twitter.com/Bali_Maha/status/1038396081778909184?s=17

ℳąhą Bąℓi, PhD مها بالي  (@Bali_Maha) tweeted at 6:00 AM – 8 Sep 2018 :
Theme 4 on fake news inspired by some content from #engageMOOC and uses work of @zeynep @holden @hypervisible and a game also from @mozilla Internet Health Report
https://t.co/KmzizF28vi (http://twitter.com/Bali_Maha/status/1038396699486703618?s=17)



ℳąhą Bąℓi, PhD مها بالي  (@Bali_Maha) tweeted at 6:35 AM – 8 Sep 2018 :
And we’re later talking privacy and algorithms (incl work of @safiya and other activities) and digital wellbeing – may add more and feel free to suggest more) #unboundeq (http://twitter.com/Bali_Maha/status/1038405372153942017?s=17)

actually: @safiyanoble

safiya.. algos of oppression



ℳąhą Bąℓi, PhD مها بالي  (@Bali_Maha) tweeted at 5:41 AM – 8 Sep 2018 :
@wiobyrne So for #UnboundEq this is our last topic (digital wellbeing). If you wait til then you can ask us to include it then and all who follow the course could participate… Right? (http://twitter.com/Bali_Maha/status/1038391907070750722?s=17


Equity Unbound kicks off this week! Join us #unboundeq https://t.co/vjJvkQ25Ri via @unboundeq

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/Bali_Maha/status/1039054725474385920

 try an Unintroduction (inspired by clmooc)

What does it mean, what does it do, for the participation of some to be dependent on an invitation made by others?

how to make sure the gathering (in a space) we’re hosting is for everyone.. perhaps we first make sure it starts with 7bn curiosities (self-talk as data) .. everyday.. rather than a ie: campfire/course/whatever.. that even though open.. we get the whole leader/follower thing




siddiqi border law: every border implies the violence of its maintenance

equity: everyone getting a go everyday

if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity