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flow, secret to happiness

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what contributed to a live worth living

happened on lecture of carl jung

30% very happy even thought money has tripled…

lack of material resources contributes to unhappiness, but increase material resources doesn’t contribute to increased happiness..

i tried to figure out.. in our everyday lives.. are we happy.. what made people feel they work.. made their life meaningful

when composing is going well… ecstasy – step into alt reality.. what we know about history is really about their ecstasies.. not their everyday life..

7 min – this man doesn’t have to go to colosseums cathedrals et al.. he just needs a piece of paper… then.. so intense.. almost as if he didn’t exist…

9 min – when in this process… doesn’t have enough attention left over to see if he’s hungry/tired/et al…

existence temporarily suspended…. hand seems to be moving by itself… can only happen to someone who is very well trained… immersion in a particular field.. for like 10 yrs..

11 min – flow in poetry… opening a door that floats up in the sky… similar to einstein imagining forces of relativity

12 min – flow in figure skating … merge self w/ music

ceo of lockheed martin – define success… something that helps others and makes you happy… can’t have just one of these things…

passion from doing the best and having flow while working…

sony – establish place of work where engineers.. can feel joy of tech innovation.. be aware of mission to society .. and can work to their hearts content…

14 min – regardless of culture/education – these 7 conditions seem to be present when a person is in flow… (sense of clarity, immediate feedback, know what you’re doing is not impossible, forget self, sense of time disappears, etc)

15 min – pagers go off 10 times a day… establish average.. mean level of challenge/skill.. can predict when you are in flow…. it will be when you’re doing what you really like to do… the other areas become less and less positive..

16 min – arousal is where most people are overchallenged… so can move to flow very easily… so area where most people learn from..

control is also good place to be.. there you feel comfortable.. but not very excited….

those two areas are complimentary/ideal..

18 min – how to put more and more of everyday life into flow..


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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (/ˈmh ˌksɛntməˈh./mee-hycheek-sent-mə-hy-eeHungarianCsíkszentmihályi MihályHungarian: [ˈtʃiːksɛntmihaːji ˈmihaːj] (); born 29 September 1934 (age 79), in FiumeItaly – now Rijeka,CroatiaEurope) is a Hungarianpsychology professor, who emigrated to the United States at the age of 22. Now atClaremont Graduate University, he is the former head of the department of psychology at the University of Chicagoand of the department of sociology and anthropology at Lake Forest College.

died oct 20 2021



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flow genome project..

Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal


from Sherry Turkle‘s reclaiming conversation p 174

csikszentmihalyi writes about the possibility of more (than reinforcement/validation friends). there are friends who question each other’s dreams and desires, who encourage each other to try out the new. ‘ a true friend is someone we can occasionally be crazy with, someone who does not expect us to be always true to form. it is someone who shares our goal of self-realization, and therefore is willing to share the risks that any increase in complexity entails.

tellingly, csikszentmihalyi describes a ‘true friend’ by describing friendship in action – among other things, in conversation. he is describing intimacy.

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