two-loop theory

via Deborah Frieze


Deborah’s tedx on 2 loop theory – dec 2015:

How I Became a Localist | TEDxJamaicaPlain

way we’re trying to change the world is not/never going to work..

you can’t fundamentally change big systems.. you can either abandon them and start over.. or offer hospice…

because – they’re not machines… natural living systems are complex/emergent/unpredictable…

2 min – two-loops… alternatives… are walk-outs..

if walk outs remain isolated from one another .. nothing happens… the dominant system will continue to dominate…

but if connected.. then separate efforts emerge as powerful system … disrupting old and giving birth to something new…

5 min – emergence is nature’s way of creating change..

6 min – 2 loop…  when you recognize dominate theory/status quo.. no longer is helping.. what role do you play…

7 min – 1\ walk out‘s are the trail blazers… willing to feel ignored/invisible…

in today’s econ.. ownership/investment are in hands of few… ie: sero – worker owned

8 min – 2\ good hospice workers… stay in system.. and help dying focus on transition ahead

ie: jobs not jails campaigns…

9 min – 3\ illuminator – make visible the choice, ie: repeating self..

10 min – 4\ protector – successful in dominate system – create oasis in dominate system

in living systems there are no silver bullets.. we need all of us..


let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way