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intro’d to Dan a while ago via Bernd.

Dan directs the ingenesist project (which is birthing curiosume, et al):

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The Objective of The Ingenesist Project (TIP) is to discover the method and systems of an advanced economic model that may facilitate the rapid evolution away from the expiring Fiat Currency / Market Capitalism and into a sustainable value creation system.  TIP specifies 3 web based applications that could catalyze this transition.  The working titles of these applications are as follows: Curiosumé;  The Value Game; and the WIKiD Tools Algorith

The Ingenesist Project (TIP) began life as an international engineering education project during the early 1990′s NAFTA implementation and later as an engineering study in a fortune 500 corporation.  Today The Ingenesist Project resembles mostly a “Crowd Think Tank” with dozens of brilliant and creative contributors from all over the world who share the goal of forming new economic institutions and organizations.



The New Economy (The New Value Movement)

stunning omission – we don’t have a knowledge inventory – we don’t know what we know


Dissolving Big Data with P2P Knowledge Economies

 no competition

anonymous until interaction

sounds like two loop – as far as transition

wikipedia mapping

using same big data as wall street – only now the person owns it

pays people for data rather than robbing it from them and selling it back to them

what if – share data – and commons takes care of all of us..?

same educators? same courses?

can be released from servitude


jul 2014

Reorganizing For The Era Of Social Capitalism

where asymmetric info and competition meet ===> what we call hierarchy

1 – eliminate competition

2 – eliminate asymmetric into

3 – eliminate hierarchy

ontology overrated – Clay Shirky

meet of convo – curiosume – tag yourself w/wikipedia articles.. rate yourself on a scale from student to teacher (your intention)

the job of curiosume – is to shut out the lights of big data…

this gives people opportunity to sell their own data..


flip from economy to scarce tangibles to abundant intangibles

cryptographic by nature


anonymous till the point of transaction – you’re just putting on your intentions

it’s predictive – all done algorithmicly


so what if we simplify – so that 7 billion people could join in today.

we rewire for networked individualism.. data is simply self-talk.. ness… what are you curious about.. today.

the brain ness – site as prototype to app

local – and 100% of humanity if we go in the cityas the dayliterally redefining public ed/commons ness.



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“What Problem Does Blockchain Solve?” linkedin.com/pulse/what-pro… by @ingenesist on @LinkedIn

The main problem that blockchain solves results from the fact that computer databases simply cannot talk to each other without a layer of expensive fault-prone human administration or bureaucratic central authority controlling every node. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, is a single, decentralized database managed by software and shared by multiple users, without any third party authority.


The traditional way to enable databases to communicate with each other is to consolidate and combine them into a single database, hoping that enough commonality would exist to patch them together.


The other way to eliminate intermediaries and enable data to be shared between organizations is for everyone to share the same database…………..Unfortunately, there would be no way to stop a person from cheating another person, or going back to change the conditions of a contract, or giving himself a raise, or double spending a unit of account, etc. For decentralized databases, these are precisely the problems that blockchain solves.

unless we disengage from all that.. ie: disengage from measuring transactions..


Also like what happened with mechanization, society will certainly reorganize around these new forms of value creation and exchange. This is already evident with the extraordinary amount of venture and investment capital and creative new decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) pouring into blockchain space.

how is that new forms of value creation and exchange..?

Blockchain technology makes business cases that may never have been viable become brilliantly viable today.

why not… make business ness irrelevant..


‘we need a full stack transformation embracing a linked reimaging of our social-economic-technological & spatial infrastructure to unleash this Human(e) Revolution.’ @indy_johar

2 convos

as infra


Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/monk51295/status/980784702159183872

@monk51295 @indy_johar As far as engineering goes, this is in the works.  Want to  learn more? https://t.co/I1RqkMRZNe

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/CoCreatr/status/981472454475304960

integrated engineering blockchain consortium (dan is founder)



@davidgraeber ‘something very wrong w what we have made ourselves..as if we have collectively acquiesced to our own enslavement..hatred/resentment/suspicion have become the glue that holds society together..a disastrous state of affairs..i wish it to end’ @davidgraeber bs jobs
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/monk51295/status/1483166639231143938

@monk51295 @davidgraeber People are working on it.
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/ingenesist/status/1483235817912889344

‘Money must represent human productivity ‘

like that?

need to let go of any form of m\a\p and org around legit needs