Curiosume – Part 1

transform competition to collaboration

flip this – currently – we are intangibles yet classified by tangibles..

tag ourselves w wikipedia object 

[for us – tag – ourselves w/curiosity]

make the tangible asset your property, replace resume w/curiosume api.. knowledge assets vs wikipedia universe

knowledge assets of community or resume and connect to wikipedia

students – demand, teachers – supply

Curiosume – Part 2

tag – again for us just curiosity – not a pre topic – ie: math, game theory.. not echo chamber ish enough..

3:32 – export data/text api to communicate with…. 6 bar scale.. learn – collab – teach


curiosume site





via Dan Robles:

dan robles



Dan sharing vision april 2014 here:

ingenesis – we’re all engineers

3 problems – and curiosume is one answer for them

1) competition

competition is great if both sides have same info so not good.. creates scarcity.. control by constraint.. there’s no shortage, only shortage of money

2) asymmetric info

some have more info than others.. easy to take advantage of people

3) the way we rate each other

scale 1-10; win-lose; ugly-pretty…..

 no competition

anonymous until interaction

sounds like two loop – as far as transition

wikipedia mapping (love this)

using same big data as wall street – only now the person owns it

pays people for data rather than robbing it from them and selling it back to them

what if – share data – and commons takes care of all of us..?

same educators? same courses?

can be released from servitude

making a flip from an economy of scarce tangibles to an economy of abundant intangibles..

two constraints: proximity and time.. (not money)


Dan speaking here, june 11 2014:

seattle meetup









so what if we simplify – so that 7 billion people could join in today.

we rewire for networked individualism.. data is simply self-talk.. ness… what are you curious about.. today.

the brain ness – site as prototype to app – maintaining the echo chamber ness

local – and 100% of humanity if we go in the city. as the day. literally redefining public ed/commons ness.