charles & andreas on kinship

charles eisenstein and andreas weber on kinship panel.. 13 min video – Kinship Highlights: The Individual, Charles Eisenstein, Minna Salami, Andreas Weber


That panel left me in high spirits. Thanks @itshannahlclose for compiling the best of!

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m: individualism is both a catalyst/perpetuator of so many social ills

a: individuals create themselves thru reciprocity

reciprocity.. oi

c: suppression of individual.. or the subsumption of the individual to the community never actually works.. it just forces the individuality.. the expression of the individual.. to take a covert form.. and paradoxically enough to come out in ways that are even more toxic..t

maté trump law.. brown belonging law.. et al

m: antidote to individualism is communalism.. but what we miss when we do that is to perceive that the individual is the seed of radical change

m: when we categorically vilify individualism.. i think we often end up w a romantic view of community and that s also a great risk.. what happens then.. we grow frustrated when we’re trying to build a community

3 min – a: love is not a feeling.. love is a practice.. which maintains the individual as a dividual.. so love is actually an eco practice..

brown belonging law: the opposite of belonging.. is fitting in.. true belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are.. it requires you to be who you are.. and that’s vulnerable.. –Brené Brown

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman (@BobThurman)

h: on tension of being individual and community at same time

c: what part of me says yes.. my individuality is toxic.. that is so profoundly anti biological.. why have we turned on ourselves

4 min – a: not unreveleing alone.. but unreveling w others.. not unproblematic

c: ineradicable tension between group and individual.. that maybe can never be resolved.. go away.. and paradoxically necessary for expression of our individuality

5 min – m: the paradox is that individualism kind of creates the conditions for freedom.. for self realization.. for non conformity.. for human rights.. but it simultaneously ensures that those freedoms can’t happen

because.. we let rights ness (any form of m\a\p) creep in..

h: and wildly oscillating between merging and autonomy which ultimately ends up in resentment because you realize you haven’t fallen in love with the other person.. you have fallen in love w the projection/idealization.. i can’t ever fully know what projections i’m brining into this (relationship) .. there will always be some level of that going on in relationships that will create a chasm in us that just always going to be there.. and there’s something really frustrating about that.. but what is the flip side of that.. is it total merging and union?.. because that can also become toxic.. because that’s where you lose your id.. and start getting reactive..

we have no idea what legit free people are like (only what whales in sea world are like).. and i’m thinking identity is (would be) irrelevant.. we’d be too preoccupied being/dancing.. to be naming the colour et al

in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

6 min – a: so ecology is the relational system which org’s the creation of individuals thru the disillusion of individuals.. or to use a word i like very much.. eco is the process of reciprocity.. which allows individuals to arise thru mutual transformation

c: id comes thru relationship.. we know ourselves by being in relationship to the world and being known by the world.. when we are cut of from relationship then id begins to unravel

as it should.. perhaps.. anyway.. but not that way

7 min – m: what our individualism is .. is completely connected to the part of our psyche that is also an artist and in return.. the part of us that is an artist is also the part that believes in a greater and more elevated way of our being humans together

art – being human et al

art (by day/light) and sleep (by night/dark) as re\set.. to fittingness/undisturbed ecosystem

a: ecosystems are love processes.. not because so beautiful/soft/sweet.. but because they are about the dividuation of the individual.. so about being edible.. that’s the loving thing about them

h: on buddhist idea of relative and ultimate.. animism goes beyond that binary.. it’s none of these things and all of these things at the same time

andreas on animism.. binary ness.. et al

c: emotions flare at diff’s of opinion.. what is at stake is belonging..

brown belonging law

8 min – m: important to have people who inspire us.. whether to learn from them.. but most importantly people who inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.. in a community of individuals that kind of thing can happen.. whereas in society driven by capitalism/consumerism.. we think we can inspire ourselves to that.. we think our pursuit of enlightenment is something that we generate ourselves

again.. on the not knowing what legit free people are like.. i think enlightenment/pursuit ness would be irrelevant s

9 min – a: ecology is about building relationships that foster life.. very important.. not a footnote.. because relationships can be horrible.. it’s about relationships which foster life

10 min – c: we just turn on ourselves so easily and pathologize some of the most fun and beautiful and maybe ultimately tragic parts of the human experience.. but i certainly don’t want to put romance into the bin of pathology.. it’s such a gift

h: on duality and binaries.. individual and community co rise.. it’s always co rising

11 min – a: in order to be yourself you need to be able to give yourself to others

bishop freedom law.. and brown belonging law.. et al

a: there is a tone of loss in the ecstasies of embodied existence.. it’s always there.. maybe this is where it is the most close to the sacred life

12 min – h: we go thru that self censoring.. oh but if i express in a certain way or go too much on my id.. then i’ll be called a narcissist.. or a self promoter.. there’s this tension between this expressivity.. the natural/inherent must be expressness of our humanity and the self censorship and the worry.. like.. i’m going to be judged.. for being myself.. the baby is being thrown out w the bathwater

c: to really let yourself be seen.. goes against so much programming.. seems crazy.. ie: even though i had good upbringing.. lodged w/in me.. the real self is contemptible.. better not let anybody see me for real.. the result of always hiding some part.. means that i’m always alone in that part.. i guess at some point.. i just got sick of that

fix vs not hidden.. et al