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The Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) is an anarchist think-tank and media center. Its mission is to explain and defend the idea of vibrant social cooperation without aggression, oppression, or centralized authority.

In particular, it seeks to enlarge public understanding and transform public perceptions of anarchism, while reshaping academic and movement debate, through the production and distribution of market anarchist media content, both scholarly and popular, the organization of events, and the development of networks and communities, and to serve, along with the Alliance of the Libertarian Left and the Molinari Institute, as an institutional home for left market anarchists.

intro’d to c4ss via kevin carson – [who writes for them]

mutual exchange symposium: mes on anarchy and democracy; mes on decentralization and econ coord; ..

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C4SS (@c4ssdotorg) tweeted at 0:39 PM on Wed, Sep 16, 2020:
The relationship between anarchy and democracy is storied yet contentious. 

This new C4SS Collection brings together 10 anarchist writers to discuss whether anarchists should support or oppose democracy: (

met several yrs back.. 1st time published in book form..

resonating because just had just read david graeber‘s fragments of an anarchist anthropology and just added david on consensus and f & b & dm same law et al


“What we need, then, is a politics that can account for the real world as we actually experience it, not the illusions of the electoral process and its policy framework. What we need is agorism.” – @jasonleebyas

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oikos (the economy our souls crave).. ‘i should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.’ – gaston bachelard, the poetics of space

ie: cure ios city


C4SS (@c4ssdotorg) tweeted at 7:38 PM on Fri, Oct 30, 2020:
“Done right, Effective Altruism can augment the anti-authoritarian coalition that we need to undermine the polygamous marriage of materialism, authoritarian government, and unbridled corporate power.” – Thomas Raskin

there’s a nother way


new coordinating director (of c4ss) – alex mchugh @mchugh_alex

C4SS (@c4ssdotorg) tweeted at 8:03 PM on Sun, Nov 01, 2020:
“While the mainstream left seems unable to rid itself of auth-left influence & the libertarian movement collapses under the weight of shifting political landscapes, our position is precarious but I’m convinced it’s the most solid out there.” – @mchugh_alex

I was looking for a way to re-engage in the fight against authoritarianism without slipping back into the role of stool pigeon for capitalism. 

While most of my friends and loved ones are social anarchists or anarcho-communists, I’m still staunchly in favor of markets and heavily influenced by the more individualist of my anarchist forerunners. Emma Goldman, Max Stirner, and Voltairine de Cleyre are among my favorite thinkers and I often describe myself as a religious egoist when pressed to go beyond “anarchism” plain and simple. So the center has provided me with a wonderfully radical community that still recognizes some of the economic principles I feel are important to accurate analysis of political questions and solid formulations of a political project. After all, my undergraduate degrees are in Economics and International Relations, with an emphasis on trade norms, deals, and frameworks. 


graeber rethink law

graeber f & b same law et al

I feel confident that, unlike so many left-wing intellectual movements, we won’t get stuck in some out-dated framework trying to rebuild some new, better version of societies that no longer exist.

not via previous paragraph.. let go man

leet’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence ..w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money.. till people forget about measuring

we recognize that – instead of being at odds with human flourishing – the right to buy and sell, and the technology of prices are key components to a thriving and equitable society.

key components to compromising/cancerizing the essence of human being

In order to keep up with this growth, myself and James Tuttle, our financial coordinator, will be heavily focused on fundraising in the coming months. We’ve made it easier than ever to support C4SS by moving ongoing monthly donations to Patreon. You can now support us there for as little as $2 a month. And we’re going to work to improve donor communication as well, so our supporters have a better idea of how we’re using the funding and are aware when we need a bump for special projects or to fill out a gap. 


“Such realization would mean that people would have to confront not just the individuals involved but the power structures themselves, threatening the entire function of the state.” – @MakhnoTits

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yeah.. gotta go deep enough – to affect all of us.. across the board


Let The Rebel Prince Be Heard: An Anarchist Revision of Evolutionary ModelsKathiana Thomas | June 22nd, 2021

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Now, beyond reviewing the past and how hierarchical and domination structures emerged, this can help us to know what we can do to change things if we take as variables our current conditions and the ones we want to reach..t

hari rat park law

Kropotkin contributed to the formulation of theories and models which indicate that human behavior is neither immutable nor homogeneous. And this knowledge, if properly broken down and purged of the impressions left by some movements from the turn of the century ..can be a great tool both for activists and for people devising possible ways to reorganize our economy.. t

ie: a nother way





mutual exchange symposium: mes on anarchy and democracy; mes on decentralization and econ coord; ..

internet as anarchist

moxie on anarchism



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The Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) is an anarchist think-tank and media center, dedicated to building public awareness of left-wing market anarchism.


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