Jason‘s insight has been huge from beginning of all this..

now seeing basecamp as iteration of app.. chaos organized.. for 7 bill. as the day.

from convo of Jason and Nate sept 2 2015..

story starting at 10 min – part resonating at 11 min – on diff of being offered sev options (overwhelmed).. & being asked.. what do you want (start from your itch).. – Nate

ie: to singularity.. and to ginormously small… to app chip update..
the convo on having choices (no matter how many).. vs.. what do you want. (no matter how offbeat sounding)…
can now facilitate that craziness of singularity/everything is possible… getting us back to the quiet in our own room/heart/echo chamber… daily

15 min – Jason on explaining the project – as standard w/o human intervention.. see sample with content that might not be relevant to you.. ie: looks generic i can’t imagine myself in this generic thing… then once you get rid of sample project.. not a good job at suggesting steps.. don’t want to invite people to something empty… new version – onboarding process… optional tour.. explaining big/small pic..  people do want to know how to use something.. no shame in telling them

17:30 min – i don’t want to tell people what to do because the product is so simple they can figure it out.. it’s not about how simple the project is it’s about how much time someone has and what their motivation/intention is.. the product might be simple but if they can’t imagine themselves in it because they don’t know where to start.. that doesn’t make product simple because of simple tools.. how do they work together.. what’s right thing to do first.. taking someone thru a path i think is the better approach.. still working on that…

18 min – what i hear from people all the time is – am i using this right… that’s a red flag…

so – perhaps people are detoxed enough… so that begs to be part of the path.. ie: self-talk, find path/people

19 min – how best to integrate expertise… – Nate

again – use all of us.. but need/begs to do this first: free art ists

20 min – on having to know your customer – but how vastly different people are.. how to know 7 billion people..

like www ness, need energy/art of all of us.. to build it .. for all of us..


on idea of middleman resurfacing (15m)- @jasonfried -yet integral calc ish – approach limit of decent/singular…
help in the moment of struggle plus the act of thinking outloud (21m) –
on need for nonrivalrous help – 26 min

Talking product with @natekontny LIVE. Come join us on the “Work In Progress” show —>


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nov 2015 – talk at websummit 2015 – dhh

Let’s start at the bottom: People who make lots of little bets on many potential unicorns have christened themselves angels. Angels? Really? You’ve plucked your self-serving moniker from the parables of a religion that specifically and explicitly had its head honcho throw the money men out of the temple and proclaim a rich man less likely to make it into heaven than a camel through a needle’s eye. Okay then!

And that’s just the first step of the pipeline. If you’re capable of stringing enough buzzwords about disruption and sufficient admiration for its holy verses, like software eating the world, and an appropriate yearning for the San Franciscan Mecca, you too can get to advance in this multi-level investment scheme.


Don’t just accept this definition of “success” because that’s what everyone is cheering for at the moment.


Well, to then answer the question, “why are you here?”, you might as well make it literal. Why are you HERE. Dublin, Ireland, The European Union? Don’t you know that surely the fastest and probably the only way to join the uniclub is to rent a mattress in the shifty part of San Francisco where the rent is only $4,000/month?


Hey, shit, I don’t know which mud is going to stick to the wall, so please, for the sake of my six-pack of Rolexes, keep throwing!!


This whole conference is utterly unrepresentative when it comes to the business world at large! That’s why the mindfuck is so complete. ..

Don’t listen! They’ve convinced the world that San Francisco is its primary hope for progress and that while you should emulate it where you can, that emulation is going to be a shallow one. ..

They’ve trained the media like obedient puppies to celebrate their process and worship their vocabulary. ..

But in the end, they’re money lenders.


Jason Fried (@jasonfried) tweeted at 6:58 AM – 24 Aug 2018 :
Generally, nobody at Basecamp really knows where anyone else is at any given moment. Are they working? Dunno. Are they at lunch? Dunno. Are they picking up their kid from school? Dunno. Don’t care. Escape from the Presence Prison —> (

But it wasn’t until we gave up on Presence that we really got to embrace the complete sense of calm that comes from not caring about when someone is working (or not) or where someone is (or isn’t) at this very moment.

Because, really, what does “available” and “away” really mean? Official definitions don’t matter, because here’s what they actually mean: “Available to be bothered” and “I’m running away and hiding because I can’t get any fucking work done around here.”

Truth is, there are hardly any good reasons to know if someone’s available or away at any given moment. If you truly need something from someone, ask them. If they respond, then you have what you needed. If they don’t, it’s not because they’re ignoring you — it’s because they’re busy. Respect that! Assume people are focused on their own work.