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ann b ryan

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Commons against and beyond capitalism

5 min – enough as a basis for personal/public life

6 min – when we talk about enough.. we usually associate it with mediocrity… rather than excellence..  back to irish language and many others  galure  – plenty and enough… juliet schor – plentitude..

7 min – illich – convivial austerity –  a mutually agreed forbearance.. agreement on limits.. in a convivial way rather than punitive…

1\ enough & ecology

oikos – meaning home.. home planet

how to fashion a house (personal/local/global) so that each one of us is free. to be still. enough. to be free to be.

growing too big is like a cancer.. but humans have to choose limits

2\ enough & morality

how i am in relation to others.. connections.. morality comes from feelings.. the minimalist self tends to be compartmentalized.. which cuts us off from feeling.. keeps us from asking hard questions.. ie: how my actions affect others..

orland bishop ness

recasting choice as moral decisions… enough is a kind of civic value

3\ enough & beauty

when things are right.. they’re beautiful… there’s a movement about beauty will lead the way..  on limits.. ie:if a painting exceeds the frame…

4\ enough & spirituality

full attention in present moment… even if painful… body/nature/place…

on needing a spirituality of resistance (rather than acceptance) .. trying to make things better. we can’t resist things we’re not aware of

so i took sabbatical to practice these things… ie: cup and share to community supported farming

25 min – on the farm creating a lovely public space.. a home .. an oikos.. a space to come and do something about fulfilling potential..

27 min – a political space where people can talk about how things might be different..

28 min – we’ve talked about ownership.. if anyone owns it.. we all own it. i always say.. nobody owns it.. it’s a resource.. managed by everyone.

29 min – i have noticed.. that the farm owns us.. we have a sense of belonging there… the work is healing the mind/body shift.. a real knowledge economy

31 min – that other type of personality.. diff from neoliberal.. minimalist… that’s about resilience.. the quickening of the social connections.. people have a dense network around them.. so if a crisis.. they have a surrounding..

32 min – nothing is a magic bullet – commoning isn’t.. but maybe.. participation is…. capitalism wants to steal/capture our time..

34 min – digging where we stand right now.. w/monies/et al.. i’m pushing for basic income… perhaps just a transition to a system w/o money..

perhaps – ie: radical econ ness

36 min – used to free people up to their talents..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

37 min – new currencies… have to be democratic… basic income baked in… notion of dividends..?


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