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let’s listen to B Brown and M Bateson more – and start swimming in vulnerability. so we can all spend our days more alive.. than watching… and pointing… and protesting…


From Mary Catherine Bateson’s Peripheral Visions:

She decided at one point to quit prepping for all her speaking engagements. She decided that what matters most – is to practice – vulnerability in context. She said it was then that she started experiencing a aliveness. You have to be alive to confront/embrace perpetual beta. And doing that while in front of a crowd. Rather than presenting… in the moment.


exposing ourselves to… embracing of uncertainty/chaos ness.. how we get to/perpetuate alive\ness.


Brene Brown‘s 2010 TEDx Houston talk on the power of vulnerability is one of the most watched talks on, with over 6 million views.


Laura Van Riper:

i equated being vulnerable with being weak.. the most profound experiences happen when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.. that’s when you are real.. that’s when a connection with another can be formed.. that’s where the magic is..if you keep the walls .. you perpetuate the separateness..

vulnerability ness

not about trusting myself enough to control it.. make sure right outcomes.. i just have to trust myself enough to hold this space.. which is diff than trying to fix it..

trust ness

creating spaces for people to see each other.. spaces where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and show people who they really are..


in Gabor Maté‘s realm of hungry ghosts:


the addict’s reliance on the drug to reawaken her dulled feelings is not adolescent caprice (sudden/unaccountable change in behavior). the dullness is itself a consequence of an emotional malfunction not of her making: the internal shutdown of vulnerability.

from the latin word vulnerare, ‘to wound’ .. vulnerability is our susceptibility to be wounded.. this fragility is part of our nature and cannot be escaped

the best the brain can do is to shut down conscious awareness of it when pain becomes so vast or unbearable that it threatens to overwhelm our capacity to function. the automatic repression of painful emotion is a helpless child’s prime defense mech and can enable the child to endure trauma that would otherwise be catastrophic. the unfortunate consequence is a wholesale dulling of emotional awareness..

saul bellow: if you hold down one thing you hold down the adjoining..


our emotions are an indispensable part of our sensory apparatus and an essential part of who we are. they make life worthwhile, exciting, challenging, beautiful and meaningful..

when we flee our vulnerability, w lose our full capacity for feeling emotion..

the wondrous power of a drug is to offer the addict protection from pain while at the same time enabling her to engage the world w excitement and meaning.. .. the drug restores to the addict the childhood vivacity she suppressed long ago


Performative vulnerability: When people contrive displays of vulnerability, or adopt vulnerable personas, in order to signal self-awareness / sensitivity and to be accepted by an ingroup that values vulnerability
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