the ie’s

wondering about the examples we often give in support/defense of teaching/training/control/authority/institutions/credentials/rules/obedience/etc.

at least the ones i’ve heard over and over. the ones that seem to have steered/coerced/managed my thinking, for 40 some years. aiding me in keeping myself from deeper/systemic ness.

am thinking mostly in regard to justification for assuming some thing(s) as basic .. for the good of humanity.


one example most recently ponder\ing.. in regard to having to teach children, is having to teach children to..

look both ways before you cross the street.

this got me wondering about the walkability of cities. and the overuse/unnaturalness of cars. wondering if we’re having to teach that to children because we created that problem. sure.. have kids look both ways today.. but use it as a reason why a human has to be taught/told rules..? perhaps if we think a thing has to be taught.. it’s more a sign to question its essential ness.

while wondering.. read this post from David:…
My understanding, such as it is, of Heidegger’s idea of Being-toward-death is that our temporal finitude is constantly present as a horizon: we look before we cross the street because we know we can die — “know” not as an explicit thought but as the landscape within which our experience occurs. We make long-term plans within a horizon of possibility that we number in decades and not centuries.



i sure want my doctor to have the right credentials.

not against doctors.. but questioning the thing we keep asking them to fix. what if questioning this rigidity to becoming a doctor.. or whatever.. would get us questioning/finding the deeper issues. what if more questioning would keep us from perpetuate\ing illnesses. seems most, if not all, the illnesses, are because of things we created/caused. consequence of things we’ve insisted on that end up being bad for us. also wondering/pondering about credentials juxtaposed with mal practice.



people will just sit on their couch all day and watch tv. 

the evidence/perpetuation of this.. is that many people end up doing it. but because people are doing it.. doesn’t mean it’s natural. and it doesn’t mean that control ness will keep us from that. what if it’s more like – control is keeping us doing that. we’re exhausted/stressed/depressed.. because of the day.. mandated for us. we do it.. but what if it’s not us. what if we don’t know yet.. what people are really like.


so .. a staccato/warp-speed zoom dance version of thinking..

you’re right. i don’t want my child run over by a car. so yes. mandate that algebra for 12+ years. then charge/debt me for it for 4+ more. just in case.

where do we draw the line, and who draws it..  once we start thinking there’s some basic.


share from Mary Ann:

The formula for overturning the world, we didn’t seek it in books, but in wandering. – Guy Debord

whimsy matters.

perhaps – a nother way..  for (blank)’s sake.


pluralistic ignorance

manufactured consent