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We know virtually nothing about ourselves because we judge ourselves before we have a chance to see ourselves ..t.. (as though in panic). Or, to put it differently, we can judge only what we recognize ourselves as able to judge. What can’t be judged can’t be seen. What happens to everything that is not subject to approval or disapproval, to everything that we have not been taught how to judge? … The judged self can only be judged but not known. 


Self-criticism is nothing if it is not the defining, and usually the overdefining, of the limits of being. But, ironically, if that’s the right word, the limits of being are announced and enforced before so-called being has had much of a chance to speak for itself..t

the more persuasive, the more compelling, the more authoritative, the interpretation is, the less credible it is, or should be. The interpretation might be the violent attempt to presume to set a limit where no limit can be set..t


every day we will fail to be as good as we should be; but without our being given the resources, the language, to wonder who or what is setting the pace; or where these rather punishing standards come from..t

begs idio-jargon/self-talk as data

This doesn’t mean that no one is ever culpable; it means that culpability will always be more complicated than it looks; guilt is always underinterpreted… Self-criticism, when it isn’t useful in the way any self-correcting approach can be, is self-hypnosis. It is judgement as spell, or curse, not as conversation; it is an order, not a negotiation; it is dogma, not overinterpretation.




self-talk as data

everyone talks to self daily

missing pieces

missing piece #1: authenticity – eudaimonia

missing piece #2: attachment – eudaimoniative surplus

almaas holes law:  a hole is nothing but the absence of a certain part of our essence. .However to say we have lost parts of Essence does not mean they are gone forever; they are never gone forever. ..When you’re a baby, you have no holes; you are complete when you are born. ..

we are not being careful and we are missing it


mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

tech as it could be.. ie: 2 conversations.. as infra

undisturbed ecosystem