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in love

[because people like Roger and Doug and John – have encouraged a –

too doable, too urgent

– boldness/awareness]

funny/timely/fitting/telling… that the week on embracing uncertainty.. i find long threads discussing/debating/stressing/deliberating on definition.

cmooc, xmooc, mooc, .., course, gathering, event, credit, …

what is safe/real for people now: math skill (or more accurately – school math test short term retention)

imagining that the hastening of betterness has more to do with this community as curriculum as oikos.

crazy to me the frequency that math surfaces.. school math.. to little avail.. and in fact often – the thing/conversation/definition that is keeping us from us.

when perhaps … mathematical thinking .. freeing ourselves to the uncertainty/vastness/smallness/dancingness of mathematical thinking/doing/being… such as letting our moments get so small that they become huge, and alive, is how betterness is doable.

but it’s in the reaching/embracing that (scary) limit of limitlessness..

to where we are let t i n  g      g    0 . .

in delight even.

that will be the change.

we want to see.

in the world.

so..  in love.. i see no problem with all these conversations/debates/definings –

.. after we establish/restore/hasten equity.

and i think hastening us to equity involves vulnerability/chaos/uncertainty/honesty/trust..

Artificial dependency is not the solution to the artificial separation we have today. The solution is not to meet already-met needs less effectively, so that we are forced to help each other. Rather, it is to meet the needs that languish unfulfilled today.    

We feel a lingering connection, because a giving has transpired.          

Charles Eisenstein, sacred economics


find intro, multiple accesses, and all 6 weeks here:

rhizo14 d